Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Zoo trip!

Today has consisted of wondering around large(ish) areas within cages/fences that are filled with different animals from all over the world. Twycross zoo is great for the children and families of all ages as it is packed with such a variety of animals to learn about and also has a discovery area for children to learn more! The park itself has plenty of refreshments available throughout the journey around all the different animals. However, not only is this zoo good and entertaining for people it is also helping to conserve many animals that are at a large threat of either endangerment or extinction. At least half of the different species were either endangered or held a large threat towards endangerment. It was not but 7 weeks ago when one of the main endangered species, the Amur Leopard's, had their cubs. Of course this was good for zoo business and most importantly to help conserve this particular species! It's a particularly sad thought that the reason some of these animals are kept in zoo's these days is because they are at risk of extinction in the wild, majority of this time is sadly down to humans destroying their natural habitats and poaching. If there is little to be done to conserve the animals natural habitat it is a brilliant thing done by Twycross Zoo and many other zoos around the country. These creatures are so beautiful in how they look and in the way they behave it is better for them to continue their species through conservation than to be under constant threat in the wild. As you can see from some following photos the conservation for the animals is developed to be as best matching as possible to their wild habitat, even though it will never be exactly the same to where they truly belong.

Peace out!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Beautiful, yet deserted

If you're a young adult looking for an adventure here is a place not to go....

In April 2014, a close friend and myself went on a spontaneous trip to Rhosneigr on the isle of Anglesey and found a cheap campsite to stay on for two nights. However, we got there on after a three hour train journey and put up the tent and it suddenly hit us this isn't going to be very interesting. So we went for a wander along the little village and to the coast, it was very beautiful (even if it was cloudy and almost raining). We spent majority of that day around through the sand dunes and along the beach until returning to our tent for food and sleep. Along with already discovering what the village had to hold (twice!), the plans for the next day seemed limited.... especially considering it started raining that day! Thus we attempted to walk to the next town, however, we only made it to a nearby village. I'll admit it was pretty exciting because we'd not been here before and looked like there might have been some lovely woodlands etc. However our curiosity only led us to the next train station so we turned around and walked back to the tent. Only then did we decide we should probably get the train back that day to save having to pay for another uncomfortable night! Which at this point we remembered we had all this booze and didn't want to carry the extra weight around, so we drank it.... quite a lot of it, just before heading to the train station before we were to endure a 4 hour journey, that ended up taking until midnight to return home! 
So, ladies and gentlemen I advise that you do not visit this place if you are looking for adventures. Although if you do wish to go to Anglesey I recommend a car would be a good idea to look at all the little towns on the island as I have heard it is such a nice place (in other areas of course)

Peace out!

Saturday, 26 July 2014


(Delayed post, lost internet as typing and got slightly carried away with the alcohol, oops)
It's finally Friday, (HALLELUJAH!)  and oh boy has this week dragged! Today I shall be seeing my beloved friend from University whom I haven't seen since the end of May! And oh yes the plan for tonight is most certainly going to involve plenty of alcohol! The other day I found my shot dispenser which I received as a gift from my father for my birthday last year and I realise I haven't really used it so much. However, it is a great appliance as there is no need for worrying whether the alcohol will be spilled or not (don't want a waste hey!). I realised this would also be a great opportunity to use my shot glasses (the cheap ones of course). As previously mentioned, I am indeed a fan of the Cornish county and adore travelling around that area, whilst also collecting items that wouldn't be a waste of money. Yes, that's right, I have shot glasses from different towns and villages in Cornwall (only 5 but they will increase eventually). However, these shot glasses are more valuable (around £4 or £5 for each glass) and I tend to steer away from them if possible in case they break. 

Cornwall shot glasses

So tonight it will be these colourful Asda glasses that are used! At University it is sometimes a struggle for money and shots are very important in the area of a good night, wouldn't you agree? Thus I acquired a pretty set of 4 shot glasses for £2 from Asda (bargain!), not only are they cheap but they are reusable unlike the plastic ones for £1 and they are also better for the environment (less rubbish if they aren't broke).

Asda shot glasses (still pretty!)

Peace out!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Room for Improvement

So I have just completed my first year at University studying Counselling Psychology and whilst there were some stressful times I thoroughly enjoyed it! However, that was just the first year and was pretty much an introduction to what is to come. Thus, this educational year I will be a man with a plan (woman technically speaking but this fits better) and I have set a pretty good one at that.

1. Where I lacked in achieving a higher grade last year I made up for in partying the night away and consuming far too much alcohol. I have recently come to realise that the first year was the year for booze, and so my main aim for this upcoming year is to reduce my alcohol consumption and clubbing attendance. Several studies (and my own personal experience) have come to show that alcohol can affect memory and concentration, thus limiting the full potential of an individual. Majority of you will know that there are student nights/popular nights for students, particularly many in cities and most of those nights will be attended to by students who have lectures the following day. Now this I can tell you is bad, either a) turning up hungover and being unable to focus on the topic or b) not attending at all because getting out of bed seems impossible. So I have limited my allowances of alcohol and clubbing in order to focus more on education, these limitations will involve birthdays, special occasions (Halloween, Christmas) and most importantly freshers week.

2. As I feel that step 1 will enable me to focus more and improve my grades step 2 will help pursue it further. An important part of assignments and reports I completed last year I noticed that the extra reading around the topic would help significantly, but whether or not I get around to reading is a different matter. Thus I will also not be procrastinating as much as last year and being in a workable environment will ensure this (I did not particularly like being in my room last year but I was with others elsewhere thus it was difficult to concentrate). I also know this year to start assignments early and to check those deadlines in advance! Many times last year I was prompted about a deadline not 6 days before the paper was due (very stressful as you can imagine).

3. Thirdly I would like to add that support and encouragement from peers always helps. With knowing that people have faith in you and your work it will encourage you to aim that little bit further and little bit higher!

I hope to stick to this as of September, 2014 and hope that this can influence many others out there at University to study hard because it will be worth it in the end!

"Never give up what you want most for what you want today" - Neal A Maxwell

Peace out!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Adorable and quirky

So i've got a little obsession with dinosaurs, may have 1 or 2 or 30 odd dinosaur toys/teddies about (also had a duvet but my dog sadly ripped it apart). Recently I was presented with the most amazing gift ever, it was a dinosaur necklace. Yup a necklace, with a dinosaur charm on it! How cool is that?!?! Anyway this came about as I was dropping subtle hints to my boyfriend that I hadn't worn a necklace in such a long time. I'll admit I was a little worried when he said i'd love my gift as he'd previously mentioned some weird ass birthday presents. But it turns out he was just super cool and cute enough to find a necklace chain and get the little dinosaur charm and put it together to make this beauty I wear every single day. Honestly never thought he'd come up with such a brilliant idea, this is the most unique thing i've ever had and i'm going to treasure it forever because it's too damn freaking adorable!

That nervous feeling

I'd like to take a different turn in the topic of my post today, as I know a few people who are/have been feeling the heat and it's getting them down. Okay, so a nervous feeling you get is from certain activities that make you feel a little scared or anxious, e.g. when realising a deadline for a report is due within the next week and you have done little to complete it, or you have a public speech to make and have difficulties in public speaking. However, these nerves are okay and nothing to particularly worry about (without nerves something is going wrong!). It is only when those nerves start to overwhelm the body and take control of day to day activities and this can lead to developing stress. Signs of stress could involve a loss/gain of appetite thus resulting in a weight loss/gain, a change in sleeping pattern by having too much/little sleep, a lack of concentration can be developed from stress.

So question is, how do we control that nervous feeling? Yes, a little bit of nerves here and there are good, they make us feel anxious but in an excited way. However, whether you chose to ignore the situation or make best of it will then have an impact on how your stress levels will change. Here are a few things that may help:

1. Procrastination is bad! If these nerves are from an uncompleted paper/project, don't sit around worrying about it, get it done! You count the days until the deadline, e.g a week, you have plenty of time to complete it ( 7 days, that's at least 84 hours with sleep in the routine).

2. BREATHE! Just take a step back and look at the situation you are in because most of the time it is simply your head telling you things are going bad, but that's just the over thinking of the situation. Break the situation down into little chunks and then you will realise that you can do it!

3. 'Public Speaking', don't them words sound daunting?!?! I personally shudder every time I hear those words put together! For many people public speaking is a difficult practice to carry out, and even harder if the solution is to panic. The first step to overcome the fright, know what you're talking about. It is important to remember the main points to the topic of your speech. By simply writing your speech then breaking it down into bullet points and memorizing the points it will be easier to improvise words around the ideas (remember it isn't a screenplay so you don't have to write a script!). A vital part to memorizing the ideas is to go over all the points before you sleep, this way your brain process and stores the important information.
*hint: don't drink alcohol because this will kill brain cells and potentially important information and it will also do nothing to help calm nerves*

Just remember to stay calm, keep breathing and get on with it! Here is a picture of a lake, look how calm it looks - BE THIS CALM!

Peace out!


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Looking for Alaska - John Green

Okay, so I purchased Looking for Alaska - John Green sometime around November/December and read about 30 odd pages of it (mainly on train journeys) up until last Friday. For some reason I just picked up the book and thought oh I will read this, and so I did. Only took me till Saturday morning to finish didn't it! I've never really been much of a reader, mainly through lack of concentration, but this book caught my attention and kept it (I didn't even want to sleep that night so I could carry on reading). I loved every moment of this book, the way all the characters have been portrayed most certainly intrigued me and how they take situations. Although the book gave hints as to what was going to happen (not quite predictable as it left room for various ideas), I thought it was quite good, the subtle metaphors given throughout were particularly fascinating and not to mention it most certainly brought tears to my eyes at parts! The ending, however, was by far the best part in my opinion, remembering the words still amaze me as it was such a beautiful ending and very conclusive. I would definitely recommend reading this book if you have a couple of hours or days spare (depending on how easily you can read), it is so worth the hours and the money (wasn't so cheap because I bought it from Waterstones)
*this book requires a duvet, tissues and something to cuddle*
Hope y'all enjoy!

One of the various covers for the book

Tips for budgeting as a student

Worrying about your funds at University?

If you have never really been shopping with a budget it's time to start! Next time your parents or guardians go out shopping, go with them! While you walk around with them there are several things to pay attention to:

1. Look for the supermarkets own brands, e.g. products that say 'Asda Price' or 'Tesco Value'. By doing this you will be better off majority of the time!

2. Look at the price labels and it will say the cost per KG, this is always good because then you will know you are getting more out of your money.

3. Look for deals! Deals are the most important thing when shopping as a student. Forget the smart price or Tesco value, if you can get more for what you pay for then you're sorted!

4. This may not be a regular thing to do, but maybe 2 times a year at the most. Buy in bulk! Start off your first year with getting big boxes of items, e.g. clothes washing up powder and pasta! You can get the massive bags of this and it will last you at least half the time you're there. Trust me, I did both of these last year and only had to buy the pasta once again and I still have the clothes washing powder (yes don't worry I washed my clothes plenty of times!).

*Sneaky tip: get your parents to help you with your first shop when you move to uni because they will more than likely help you out on the money side of things!*

I hope this helps anyone who is starting University this year and living away from home! More bargains soon to come (with great deals on the night life side of things).

Monday, 21 July 2014

Alice in Wonderland

Okay so I admit I am a super huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, I loved the animated film as a kid and oh my life when Tim Burton made his 2010 version I cried with excitement (TIM BURTON IS AMAZING, best director of all time), not forgetting Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp (dies inside). I've also recently being playing the computer game Alice: Madness Returns, not really a big gamer but this game is my favourite by far! However, down to the point! It was my birthday the other week and I received one of the most amazing gifts ever, and yes it is Alice in Wonderland related! My mum and sister got me this amazing necklace, it's so quirky, adorable and I love it! Definitely recommend any Alice fans to get this for themselves or as a gift to others!

Alice in Wonderland 'Drink Me' necklace 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Blast from the past

Just sorting through all my junk to move back to uni and to move house back home and remembering that before i went to uni I was really reluctant about going. I had no idea what course I wanted to pursue in or anything and wanted to carry out some sort of apprenticeship in Cornwall because that is my dream home town and they only had colleges in the places I wanted to go. However, I thought it was not possible to go and do a college course as I would have no where to live so far away so I thought it may be a good idea to continue a course I was studying at school, that happened to be Philosophy. As much as I enjoyed the course I couldn't see this leading into a profession I would enjoy, thus this lead to much frustration and struggle in happiness of my choice. However, it was not long after I decided this that I was on my way back from a Nickleback concert (SO GOOD!!!!) that I realised I wanted to help people as I had recently raised money for charity and that is something I love doing. I realised that going into a counselling profession would be very well suited to what I wanted to do in life! Now looking back at how my mind went around from wanting to study one thing to another I am very pleased I ended up choosing to study Counselling Psychology. This is because not only have I enjoyed the first year of the course, but met the most amazing people I could ever have imagine and I love the place.

So, if you're ever struggling to find what you want to do, no matter how many obstacles you go around your heart will always tell your head where to go.

Peace out!


Okay so I went away with some of my friends last year to Newquay in Cornwall and it was a rather fun, drunken holiday as I can slightly remember! Last week I went to the same location with only a couple of my friends and had a more relaxing beach holiday filled with majority of the days being very hot! This year was a last minute kinda deal, we traveled down to Newquay via the Megabus (£10 return!!!!) and then a train from Plymouth (£9 return!!!!). That's darn good i'd say, not forgetting Trethiggy campsite which was only £7ppn!
During these 8 days away we spent 2 of them travelling mostly and thankfully I wasn't travel sick this year because vomiting in the presence of strangers has an uncomfortable appeal. During the days we were there, 2 rained and the rest were sunny if not cloudy (but still very warm), thus you can imagine we got very, VERY burnt.
If you're looking for a very cheap get away Newquay is definitely the place to go, whether you want a beach holiday (with surfing/body boarding on Fistral beach), party holiday or even a shopping holiday, the town caters for all sorts!
Fistral Beach

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Weight loss

Okay so recently I have been made aware that I gained quite a bit of weight at University through all the alcohol and food binges of extremely cheap but fatty foods. Thus I have reduced my alcohol consumption significantly since being back at home, mainly because I have lost interest in going clubbing as such and partially because it is very expensive. Not only am I doing this to lower my weight but I also aim to improve my fitness and I am proud to say that I will be 8 weeks clean of smoking and have maintained the will power to continue as a non smoker!

To reduce my weight I have recently started the 5 2 diet in the hope this will help me get back in shape! The 5 2 diet consists of eating 500 calories on 2 days as far apart from each other, whilst the other 5 days involve eating regularly! Seems great i'd say, just the getting started bit would be the hardest! As I am vegetarian I found it quite easy to find low calorie foods, that such as cucumber, celery and mushrooms. However, it is difficult to find how to make meals that last throughout the day.

Yesterday I began on the 500 calorie count, I decided to start of with a bagel for breakfast with the 'lightest Philadelphia' cream cheese and some kiwi fruit , obviously this did not fill me up for so long so I took a walk for an hour or to divert the hunger. Then came about luncheon (i like to call it this because it sounds fancy!) where I made a roast pepper stuffed with Quorn, mushrooms and cream cheese. This was my favourite meal of the day so far! Then came dinner which involved Quorn tikka with cucumber and lettuce, by far this was the nicest.
Glorious breakfast!!!!

Sunday, 6 July 2014


Blackpool! I think I have only ever been to Blackpool when I was a little'n, however the spontaneous trip with my two friendlings went surprisingly awesome. This trip was definitely more themed for younger adults, with all the drinking and the shopping. Although it is also a good trip for families with all the arcades and the adventures going on such as mini golf, sea life and dinosaur world! Considering we only went for 3 days we definitely made the most of it, going to mini golf and seeing my friend get a hole in one on the last hole was brilliant. Unfortunately we were too big to go on the donkey rides, so we just had to watch with envy.

Typical tourist photo of a seagull!


This week was most certainly one of my favourite, most memorable week that I have had so far. Weston-Super-Mare is home to two of the many piers located around the UK, however Weston is known for the Grand Pier that burnt down in 2008 which was then rebuilt and reopened to the Grand Pier that is very popular today. Weston-Super-Mare also has the Birnbeck Pier which has been closed down for many years due to it's unstable condition. When I first saw the Birnbeck Pier it slightly frightened me due to it's morbid appearance, but on a second viewing I found the Pier to be some what beautiful in an old and damaged way.

I've never really taken an interest in churches before either, however the Old Church of St.Nicholas, in Uphill offered the most magnificent view all down along the beach to the other end of Weston. We chose a good day to go to visit the church which made it look even more beautiful as it already was and I still cannot get over how amazing the view was from up high.

Going around Weston-Super-Mare it was clear it was a place for school children, families and elderly couples, kind of not really somewhere young students would consider a holiday. However, it was relaxing and such a beautiful place I couldn't of asked for a better place with awesome company. 


One day I will travel the world, but for now the UK will do.

These past couple of months I've had off from University have been great and full of adventure with awesome people, and summer still isn't over! 

I've visited so many places in Wales in the past few years and it never ceases to amaze me with all it's countryside beauty, that of many fields, mountains and of course don't forget the sheep! In the last week of May I went to Shell Island in Wales, I thought the place would be a bit boring and dull considering it's not a mountain. However, spending the week there was amazing! The place was an island surrounded by mountains, lots and lots of mountains, even Mount Snowdon was visible. Also of course being by the sea topped it all off, I never knew I could experience nature in such a popular tourist attraction. If you're into scenery and nature (especially caterpillars!) I would definitely recommend taking a visit there, even if it is just a weekend break. 

This is Shell Island it it's most beautiful moment, sunset. I've never seen a sunset as magnificent as this.