Sunday, 14 May 2017

Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed

Hey guys,

Friday the 13th was actually pretty wicked day for me this year. Last year my dad surprised us with tickets to go with them and see Avenged Sevenfold with the supports of Disturbed and In Flames. (*waves hands in the air* - thanks dad). We weren't too fussed about seeing In Flames so we arrived just in time to see Disturbed. 

Photo Credit: Kee


Disturbed were amazing to see live. After only recently listening to and enjoying their music it was pretty awesome to get to see them perform. To begin with the lead singer, David Draiman, had strong and clear vocals that were easy to hear throughout the performance. The stage settings went along with the songs that were played. I mean, they had fire blasting out on stage. How cool is that?! 

Photo Credit: Kee

Every song they played was amazing but the best one that I was dying to see live was The Sound Of Silence. It sounded amazing in the arena, it was intense. I mean the song itself is great enough by itself listening through speakers. But to hear it live was incredible.

Photo Credit: Kee

Not only was the music amazing but the general aura of Disturbed was pretty awesome. The band got the crowd involved and everyone looked to be having a great time. All in all Disturbed were great to see and I 100% recommend listening to their music and seeing them at their next show. 

Avenged Sevenfold

Now to the moment the excitement had all been leading up to - AVENGED. I have been obsessed with A7X for a good few years now and they bring back so many memories, specifically trips around winding roads in Wales. You know when you listen to songs and instantly an image appears bringing back memories, well for me all avenged songs bring images of country lanes and sunny Sundays.

So, as you can imagine I was super excited for their performance. (I have seen them before a few years ago and that was awesome then,so I had quite high expectations for this show.).

Fan art
If I am being completely honest the first song they played The Stage was a slight let down. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand that A7X had brought out a new album before the tour so this song was important to be played. However, based on the crowds reactions and personal opinion I feel it would have been better if they began with Nightmare or Buried Alive.

Photo Credit: Kee

This was well compensated for after the first song as we did get to see Nightmare being performed. There was a variety of songs from different albums and several from the new album (which it appeared barely any of the audience knew or felt taken to).

I do like variety as it gives the opportunity to be brought back to those memories of old songs and also introduces new songs. I'll admit I was rather skeptical when it came to listening to the new songs but one or two songs grew on me, the others not so much. The video playing in the background of the performance God Damn did compensate for some of the other songs played.

There were some clear comparisons between the performance of Disturbed and A7X. The main one that slightly let the performance down was that it was difficult to hear the lead singer, M Shadows, while the rest of the band were playing. It was at several points throughout certain songs where it was hard to hear what he was singing. Whereas when Disturbed were playing they had such a strong voice. Now I know this was probably down to technical issues because the first time I saw avenged they had a strong performance.

Photo Credit: Kee

Besides the technical let downs I loved seeing them again. They are always going to bring back so many memories when I listen to them and their music always hits my heart. I would definitely recommend going to see Disturbed or A7X live if you've never seen them. Even if you have, go watch them again because you know how awesome they are. Cheers for a sick night guys.

Photo Credit: Kee

What bands are you into and would you go and see either of these bands? If you have any comments feel free to leave your message in the section below.

Peace out!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Vegetarian Sweets

Hey guys,

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed a bit of the sun over the past week and spent plenty of time in the beer garden. Well now sadly it looks as though we are going to be stuck indoors with this miserable cold and wet weather, so why don't you take a read of this post with a nice warm cup of tea.

As some of you may know I am a vegetarian and have been for just over 10 years. Don't worry though when you hear I'm a vegetarian because I'm not going to be preaching and protesting to get y'all to turn to the dark side. Honestly, this is merely an introduction to the story yet to come. The thing is, you get strange spontaneous cravings here and there, this including ones to satisfy the sweet tooth. See, I know Haribo brought out the vegetarian friendly mix a few years ago, but that just didn't quite cut it. Which brings me on to the Marks & Spencer's range of vegetarian sweets - Colin the Caterpillar.

I only found out about this range around 6 months ago when a new 'shopping centre' was built in my home town - which of course out of the 8 shops an M&S was built. This was only around the corner from where my sister (the sweet fanatic) lives, so of course she found out about the range and shared the news. So I thought I would share the two types that I prefer with my fellow vegetarian readers, and to all my other readers even if you don't sway this way.

Fizzy Rainbows

These fizzy rainbow Colin the caterpillars my fav out of the two I am showing you today. They aren't like normal fizzy sweets they sort of foam up with fizz when you eat them. Slightly addictive so make sure you hide the packet after 1 or 2 to stop the packet going down so fast! I think these are a great alternative for vegetarians, they are soft and fizzy and help to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Fruit Sours

These are exactly as they say on the label - sour, very sour. If you have a very sensitive taste towards sour, be warned, take one bite at a time! Now for those of you who are OK with sour tastes, these are still really nice and fruity. I believe it is a mixture between raspberry & orange and lemon & lime. Again, with these ones they are also moreish so make sure, for your own sake, you hide the packet otherwise you may end up with a numb tongue after one too many!

I am very happy M&S brought this vegetarian range out, when it was first out they had an offer on for 2 for £2.50 - which I believe is quite cheap compared to most of the food in their stores. I have only ever bought these when they have been on offer and that has only been once or twice. Besides the price, the range is quite good and these two products are particularly enticing. I do suggest if you are vegetarian to get yourself down to M&S and have a look at these products if you haven't done so before. Even you guys that aren't vegetarian, they are definitely worth a try!

Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions of vegetarian sweets yourself please feel free to share in the comments.

Peace out!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Nerd Central

Hey guys, 

I thought today I would share with you all a little something about myself and perhaps even more so, my partner. We are next level geeks. You may have seen my recent post about Destiny the game, so I thought this might be a nice addition just to add and so you guys can get to know me a little bit more. Yeah that's right, if you hadn't guessed it already, I am about to show you our lovely little collection. Enjoy!

OK, so it started off with buying the odd sods here and there that looked pretty awesome. Then I think we discovered geek box which had an offer on at the time so we just couldn't resist and ended up with tee shirts and a Deadpool plush toy. Not to mention gifts we have received for Christmas and birthdays etc. Thanks to my lovely friend, Khan, from University I received some Lord of The Rings Shot glasses which have made a lovely addition to our collection! 

So on top of all this, Kee went away to Florida last year and did not come back empty handed. This was great when we had absolutely nowhere to put anything *sighs* (thankfully we have got this wonderful giant display cabinet to put everything out - thanks to Kee's family). 

Anyway, while he was away he purchased quite a lot of awesome nerdy things, including several Destiny figures, sparrow and ships - we attempted to build the ship when he came back but unfortunately we both lack patience and it took an hour to put four pieces together! On the plus side he came back with a Warlock figure *woop woop* I absolutely adored this because at the time Warlocks were my one true love to play as - now I've switched to a Titan which is super fun playing because you can smash all the enemies up with just one move with the Arc ult (if they're close enough).

On top of the purchases from Florida, he also entered a competition to win merchandise for League of Legends and guess what? He won. I used to absolutely despise that game so when I found out he was coming back with a ton of LOL merch I didn't know whether I could look him in the eyes again (it wasn't that bad just in case you're worried I would hate him for liking something....). Things have changed a bit since then, I've been forced (willingly) to start playing and I quite like the game. It has it's ups and downs but it's mostly great to play. When I first started playing LOL I chose Jinx to play as and I absolutely love her style and character. Which leads me to the other day - Kee got me a Jinx Pop Vinyl - hell yeah *cheers* - thanks for that one Kee, it is a great addition to our collection!

So there you have it, a little bit more about me and our extremely nerdy habits. I dare say we have more than this in other rooms, but maybe these can be shown another day (one cabinet full is just enough for one day wouldn't you say). Here are some close ups of some of the things we have in our collection in the cabinet, enjoy.  



That is it from the cabinet I'm afraid. I hope you enjoyed today's post! Do you have a collection of your own? Feel free to comment below with your opinions and whether or not you have some extreme collection, I'd love to see some! 

One last look

Peace out!  

Monday, 6 March 2017

Last Christmas

Hey guys,

Since it is getting colder outside and the days are drawing smaller, I thought I would share with you all my story of last winter which always makes brings warmth to myself. These following photos should hopefully give you a hint as to the subject I am going to be taking about, hope you enjoy!

The days leading up to Christmas Day had been and gone and we'd had a very jolly time getting into the spirit, especially my brother (and into the spirit in more sense than one!). A few days later, Sunday the 27th (2015) to be specific, I had been at my grans for a Christmas family gathering for most of the day and was then planning to go back and stay with my boyfriend. Kee was at his works Christmas do and was apparantly building up some liquid courage at the same time! We arrived back at similar times and he sat down and started playing 'Follow You - Bring Me The Horizon'. Then all of a sudden was down on one knee asking for my hand to spend the rest of our lives together. Obviously I was quite shocked but of course I said yes.

Now, I'm not usually one for expressing soppy feelings etc but I thought it would be nice to share a big moment in my life. It is also amazing to see how far we have come and so many experiences we have shared together, I quite enjoy that. I am now lucky enough to get to share these experiences and adventures with someone who means a ton to me. 

Now we are working towards planning a summer wedding and saving for this hopefully sooner rather than later. Which is quite scary to think of, so any sort of tips or advice on wedding planning would be amazing if any of you guys have any. So far I have spent some time looking through magazines (which I have never done before) to get some hints. Each time I go and have a look I get excited and then extremely nervous because it is so exciting thinking of what to wear, where to go and also getting married (of course), but then there is also the side of having to save and be able to afford everything! 

I am a lucky sod to be stuck with this thing and he makes me happy every day. I hope you have enjoyed this post and personal story. Oh, and please if you have any wedding planning advice feel free to share in the comments below.

Peace out!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Living on a budget

Hey guys! 

Today I thought I would talk about living on a budget. I have spent the past three years at University living as a student on student finances and I would have thought things would have improved financially now I have a job. However, things are still sort of tricky. It is often as though my bank is stuck in a rut, it gets paid and then next day all the bloody bills come out! So after a long thought regarding the struggles I thought I would share some tips and tricks on how to survive on a budget and not getting into sticky situations. So sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the read.


1) Switching Suppliers - Not long ago we switched providers for our electricity and gas due to being over charged a ridiculous amount. SSE initially charged around £30 a month for gas and ended up going up to £100 over the course of two payments. At this point we were quite concerned as we didn't use the heating as such and this was the only gas we use in the house. So we were freezing our butts off whilst paying an extortionate amount! So we decided to go with Uswitch and swap to Npower where we are paying around £50 for both gas and electricity and they haven't messed us around so far (*knocks on wood*). 

2) Savvy Shopping - Now the best way of saving a few pennies is searching for a bargain. Every time I go shopping I always seek for the best value per kg, it's a great way to know you aren't paying too much for something. For example, when I go to buy cheese I always look at the price per kg, it is often the case that some cheese is on offer so appears it will be the best value but most of the time it will be Tesco's own cheese that appears better for value. I always find that looking for food that is either smart price or tesco value can save quite a lot of pennies compared to branded products. I always tend to go to home bargains, poundland or similar stores to get toiletries for the house such as toothpaste, soap and of course the dreaded toilet roll. These toiletries often cost little but last an incredible amount of time, I mean I wash my hair every other day yet I still have a bottle of shampoo that I bought over a month ago. Crazy.  I also found this adorable door mat from poundland - £1 for a welcome mat that has cats on it, bargain! It is always best to shop around to save a bit of a harsh drop onto the bank account. 



3) Planning Ahead - This is always the tough part that you really don't ever want to do. Checking when bills come out and making sure you have enough money in your bank to pay these bills. Now I'll admit I am terrible for this, I put some money away in my savings account for bills and rent but then if we need food or anything I will see it as money I have so use it anyway. This is something I am working on changing and ensuring I have enough money saved in my account for when bills come out and not extra that I have left over. This way you know how much you have left to spend each week.

4) Wrapping up - Keeping warm is so important, especially around this time of year. I have previously made a post on keeping warm during winter while not increasing the heating usage and I still stand by that. The best thing to do in a house that is quite cold is to wrap up warm, yes this is an excellent excuse to put on your dressing gown and slippers. Not to mention being able to use a lot of blankets and I dare say we have excessive amounts put to good use! As you can see from the following picture a classic example of one of our blankets (well, when I say ours it is really Kee's but when you live together everything is shared!) and these awesome slippers from my sister. This way you can save a little extra on the bills and also be comfortable. 

5) Energy efficiency - It is important to try and save energy as much as you can when you can. First of all if you notice a switch on and it isn't being used try turn it off! Just little things like this can help save a little. This includes light switches, a few weeks ago we were stuck without a bathroom cord for our light meaning that it was on all night because we (I - being a little short arse) couldn't reach the cord. Thank fully my dad brought round a cord he had bought from ebay and attached it to our switch which we are so grateful for, (thanks dad, yet again you helped us out!). As well as saving energy through lights an alternative method to use can be using candles, while it sounds quite pretentious it does create a nice ambiance before you relax to go to sleep at night. My sister got myself and Kee a lovely set of candles as a moving in present which are incredibly soppy, but I love them. 

On the subject of being energy efficient one big difference can be using an airer instead of a tumble dryer. This may sound like a lot of hassle and not being time efficient. However, if you wash your clothes, place them on the airer overnight and they will be dry by morning. It is also best to ensure your clothes are spread out evenly on the airer rather than piled up on top of each other to allow the clothes to dry faster. Also make sure you have room on the airer so take any dry clothes off or any kittens that like to play on it while you're hanging out the clothes. This picture is one way how not to dry your clothes efficiently!

So there you have it, some simple yet efficient tips on saving money and helping to live on a budget. After a few months the difference will show on how much you can save each month and it'll make you feel that little bit better. 

Please feel free to share any tips you have on living on a budget, I would love some more suggestions!

Peace out!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Maintaining health and wellbeing whilst on holiday.

Hey Guys,

Today I would like to talk about holidays and how to ensure your health and wellbeing is at it's finest. We live in a very stressful environment in our day to day lives, getting to jobs, school/uni, seeing friends and family and making sure we get enough time to ourselves. When it all gets to much we turn around and say to ourselves and others that we really need a holiday, but then when it comes to the end of the time off we have had we usually end up not feeling as relaxed as we anticipated. Even for those who go away on holidays abroad or even away in England to spend a week away it is hard to recover in time to go back to our daily lives.

It's often difficult to maintain health and wellbeing and the majority are unaware of the importance it has to our daily lives. Being able to maintain a certain level of both health and wellbeing allows our bodies and our minds to feel as though they are being loved and there are so many benefits. For example, an increased level of wellbeing allows improved happiness and more resilience to stress factors in day to day lives.

This is why I would love to talk about maintaining health and wellbeing while on holiday so we can feel improvements in our minds and bodies.

Now, I know you are probably all thinking that just the word holiday resembles the whole concept of happiness and content. However, there are certain things that can be done to ensure the aura of contempt feels more concrete. You can visit To Tuscany Villas to see what advice they have on maintaining health and wellbeing whilst on holiday. 

I have had a thought into this and I would like to share some of the things I would do on my next holiday to maintain health and wellbeing. Enjoy!

1) Be active - I know this may sound like the complete opposite of what holidays should be like but trust me it makes a difference. Now of course when I say be active I don't mean running 5k everyday, but simply a few strolls down to the beach or a walk alongside the coast would suffice. Not forgetting a bit of swimming in the pool or in the sea (if it is warm enough). Not only will this be beneficial for your well-being, but you can create memories to add to the photo album!

2) Drink plenty - So we all know it is compulsory to have one or two (maybe a bit more) alcoholic beverages when we go on holiday, particularly if the hotel is all inclusive. It would be rude to say no. However, we also need to remember to keep hydrated! Especially in a warm country, it is important to stay hydrated in the sun. I tend to go for a drink of water in between a beer or cocktail during the day so I stay hydrated. 

3) Take a chill pill - The most important part of the holiday is relaxing, now how would you feel replenished if you don't do a bit of chilling out?! Now, if you are in a hot country this would be chilling by the pool or on the beach, more than likely after or before a swim warming up in the sun. Take some time to yourself, listen to some music, ly back and enjoy the weather and the beach views (oh and make sure you have a pint in one hand and water in the other). 

4) Food - making sure you eat enough and try varieties if you have the option. When you are on holiday it is very exciting so you tend to be out and about exploring but it is important to remember to know where and when to get food. After all, you need all the energy for chilling out by the pool eh! Now, holidays are often associated with over indulging in all the food you can get, so make sure if you get a variety (including the veg and salad) put into your meals to fill you up. After all, this will help you out with maintaining your wellbeing because everyone knows a hungry person isn't a happy person! 

5) Keeping care of your skin - I have been on holidays where it has been quite hot and others where it has been absolutely freezing, where occasionally I have returned with damaged skin. When it is breezy and chilly (typically UK weather) it is important to remember to wrap up warm - including gloves if necessary to prevent cracked skin. Alternatively, in the heat it is important to cover up your skin in sun cream to prevent sunburn. Not to mention sun hats to protect your hear from burning through your hair, trust me it is painful if you burn your head. This also goes for when it is cloudy but hot, this is the most important time to remember sun cream because you can get burnt through the clouds. So remember to keep your skin protected in all weathers to keep yourself healthy. 

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts on maintaining health and wellbeing while on holiday. If you have any thoughts on further actions to take while on holiday please feel free to comment below. 

Peace out!

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Just under a year ago I was brought into the world of gaming and shown the light of playing Xbox One games. My fiance allowed me to see the light and enjoyment of playing games, well I say introduced me, but it was more so forced me to buy an Xbox one controller so we could play a game together.

A couple of months later Kee has managed to get me quite into playing games and learning all the skills and tricks of certain games. It then went from playing on Kee's Xbox down to persuasion of purchasing my own console. (Bearing in mind I haven't spent more than £100 on myself before this moment - so quite a shock with the price!). However, I can't complain because it was the best purchase I had made.

So today, I would like to talk about the reason why I bought an Xbox - as you might have guessed from the title - Destiny. Yes, that is right, the reason I bought a whole console was to play one game and that game being Destiny. As this is the first proper game I got into playing I thought I would share what I think of the game.

Source: Google

To begin with, I was absolutely terrible at first person shooter games and even more so terrible at aiming. I absolutely hated not being able to see my character when in action and it felt uncomfortable to watch. However, slowly I learnt throughout the different levels of the game and improving each time.

Destiny is definitely a great game to begin with due to the slight increase in difficulty between levels and easy to navigate through the controls. I also like that even though there are set missions to go through each level, you can take a break from the story line and take patrols on different planets and practice aiming by killing the cretins that live on each different planet. Or you can take part in the crucible activities in the multiplayer and fight alongside other guardians to destroy those on the opposing team.

Goblin Down
The game also allows you to make small little achievements alongside each different mission. This is great for when you're not feeling as though you're doing too well in the game until BOOM a bounty appears as completed and you have, for example, killed 100 minions of darkness.

The game is also great as there are different things to do once you have completed the story line. First of all, you can create thee different characters either a warlock, hunter or titan and aim to get those up to the max level. As I have mentioned previously, you can also play in multiplayer games like the crucible. Occasionally there are events up including Iron Banner, which you will need to play as it is brutal (and by that I also mean super fun). 

The game also has a weekly reset were each of the main strikes changes every week, so if you absolutely hate one of them you only have to wait for each Tuesday to come around. I like this part of the game and the fact there is a weekly mix up as it engages you more. There are also seasonal events, the most recent one of course being for Christmas. I absolutely loved it, the costumes, the rewards and the activities including sparrow racing (such fun! *I imagine this in the voice of Penny from Miranda*). 

Snowman Swag

Snowman pose
The fun doesn't stop there though! When I first started playing Destiny I was terrified, especially because I was awful at shooting and died all the time. This is why I was so grateful when I could join a fire team to work on missions together with Kee. This made it easier for me to get used to the game, while at the same time it wasn't as terrifying knowing there was back up. 

Chillin' killin'
While I have told you all about the greatness of the game, there are several aspects that are extremely frustrating. First of all, multiplayer. While it can be great, it can also have annoying aspects to it. To begin with playing with certain gamers can take things far too seriously or be extremely annoying to talk to. Myself and Kee went to join a raid one time and we ended up in a team with some of the members being kids. While it was reasonably OK to begin with, after around an hour it got annoying listening to these kids and we couldn't stand playing the game so ended up quitting. Absolutely no digs on Destiny here, simply there is a frustration for some players who are way too intense on the game.

Secondly, certain super powers on the game are incredibly frustrating especially in the multiplayer crucible. If you play Destiny, you will understand the pain whenever a hunter on the opposing team strikes you down with the Arc Blade for example. I mean, it's great when you have the super ability and watch the opposing team get slammed down. However, when a member (or several members) of the opposing team has these super abilities, it is extremely frustrating. Not only when they slam you down, it is worse when more than one of the opposition use their super abilities within the 2 minutes and shoot your character down every time you regenerate!

How I feel after paying multiplayer

So, there it is. I hope you enjoyed why I both love and hate this game. I also hope if you love games and haven't tried Destiny out yet then you would consider at least having a look into it. I will just leave a few more screenshots I have taken below. 

Please feel free to comment if you love Destiny or what you think of the game in the section below. 

Peace out!