Tuesday, 16 January 2018

NETFLIX: Best shows on now.

New year, new Netflix. I know I haven't wrote in a while but I thought that sharing some of the shows I have been watching would be a good way to start. After all, that's what I spend some (most) of my free time doing.

Earlier on this year Netflix made a wonderful announcement and that was the list of what new shows are going to be added and when. If you're one of those people that have a serious binge watching addiction then you were probable ecstatic when this list came out.

(Source: https://twitter.com/NetflixUK/status/947799574332051465)

I'll admit I haven't heard of/seen half of these programmes but there were a few I was particularly interested in, that being Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and Friends.

I first saw the first season of Dirk Gently last year and it was enticing to say the least. So when I found out that the new season was going to be arriving on Netflix I did the obvious thing and re-watched the first season. The second season was not a disappointment and I tried to binge it the best I could around work and other activities (sleep). If you haven't seen this/ heard of the show then the basic concept is there are several people who can see beyond the physical world and believe that everything is connected. Dirk Gently uses these skills to solve cases and meets some uncanny individuals along the way. 100% recommend this show if you are into weird, crazy things.

The second one on that list, Friends, I have never really seen it before. I mean yeah I watched one or two episodes while I was younger, but not enough to know the full story. So when this was announced I thought this would be pretty cool to watch all the seasons.... and I love it, it's something fun to watch while getting ready for work/ winding down at the end of the day. With there being loads of episodes to watch it's so easy to get lost in the show, in a good way of course.

There was another one on this list that I didn't originally have the intention of watching. However, it came up as a suggestion on Netflix so I thought I would give it a go and that was The End of the F***ing World. I started watching this to begin with and to be completely honest I thought the first two episodes were absolute garbage. But I saw that some people on Twitter were going on about how good the show was so I have pursued watching this further. I'm currently on the 5th episode and it is getting somewhat addictive. So if you go to watch it just give it a few episodes and it'll be worth the wait. 

There are some other sows that I have been loving recently which did not make it to the new season list (even though they have had new seasons added recently). The first one I have been watching is Brooklyn 99 which is one of the best shows my fiance introduced me to and when they brought it to Netflix it was the best thing to happen. They have recently added season 4 which just gets better and better each episode. The downside was though that we watched the last episode which was so intense and now season 5 isn't even on Netflix and this is stressing me out so bad. I would definitely recommend watching this show as it is a good comedy cop show and there's a lot of diversity but also touches on so many issues in society. 

One other show is Black Mirror which I know has been so popular for a few years now but the new season is immense. My favourite ones out of this season would be the first one (USS Callister) and the last one (Black Museum). I absolutely love the concept of these two and how they work out in the end. It makes you think more about things which is the sort of thing you want when you watch programmes. It is the sort of show that blows your mind with the ideas the producers come up with. The only one I wouldn't really recommend in this season is Metalhead as this was just really disappointing. 

Finally the last one I have been loving recently is Stranger Things. Love it. Every time I have watched the show it never lets me down. Both seasons are really good and interesting to watch, however, I think I prefer certain bits out of each season and can't really pick a favourite as they are both as good as each other. The actors are amazing and the way their characters develop is perfect, honestly I cannot recommend this enough. 

So there you have it, these are the shows I have been watching recently. I hope you have enjoyed this post and feel free to leave any suggestions on programmes you love to watch on Netflix below. 

Peace out! 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Gift ideas

Christmas is getting closer and if you're anything like me you may be stressing about what to get for your friends or family. There's just over 2 weeks left to go it is absolute mayhem. So I was hoping I could give you a few ideas of things you could get for certain individuals, because sometimes the hardest part is finding out what is out there to get! 

For the Harry Potter lover who loves their onesies 

I came across this onesie in Primark the other day and I couldn't resist getting it. It had a really soft inside and it was only £10! It is perfect to lounge about in and it has pockets! This would be a perfect gift for those we know who are obsessed with Harry Potter (people like my sister who watch the films all together at least four times a month!).

For the Destiny lover

Do you know anyone who loves their Destiny game or even Destiny 2 that is now out? This gift is perfect for those who both love the game and love candles! The best part about this is that the candles actually smell really good, not like some cheap candles that have barely any smell. With this set you can get scented candles from Mars, Dreadnaught, Earth, Venus and the Moon on Destiny the game. We managed to pick this up at a Game store for a reduced price. You can either look out for this in your local Game store or buy online here

For the crazy cat lover who enjoys a little treat

If any of you follow my Instagram you will know that I bought these for the pure reason they are cat related. I found them in Asda whist shopping with my sister and I couldn't help but be intrigued by what on earth they were. Can you blame me though after seeing the title Monty Bojangles? Turns out they are a range of truffles, which are really quite nice! They were only £2 in Asda as well so these would be perfect for a stocking filler. You can check out more flavours Monty Bojangles have to offer on their website here.

For the gamer 

So we all remember the mayhem when the Nintendo Switch was released earlier this year, right? Well now there many more games you can get to play on the switch. One classic and all time family favourite, Mario Kart! If you know someone who already has this console then a perfect gift would be this game. It is so fun to play with so many new maps to race on as well as some old time favourites such as Rainbow Road (yes, that nightmare of a map has made a great return to the racing world). I got this one as an early Christmas present for Kee for £47.99 from Argos and this game is also available in many other stores like Amazon or Game.

I hope this has given you some ideas on what you could get for certain people, even if it isn't these exact gifts! Enjoy your Christmas shopping if you haven't already done so. For those of you who have already got it all out of the way, kudos to you!

What sort of gifts have you got for your loved ones? Feel free to leave comments below. 

Peace out. 

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Newton Faulkner

In 2010 I was introduced to a new song by someone I had never heard of before and I fell in love with the music. That song was Dream Catch Me by Newton Faulkner. I started listening to more songs by this artist and I just felt at home with some of the songs I heard, they were super catchy. I used to listen to them on my MP3 player whilst walking around the canals and through the countryside on many summer evenings.

Now, 7 years later I have seen this guy perform in person and it was incredible. There's nothing more satisfying and heart warming that going to see someone who has been in some of your fondest memories. It was like reliving my youth again, when I say my youth I just mean my teenage years.

The tickets were a birthday present for my 22nd birthday this year from my wonderful fiance, Kee, who I have mentioned on here several times before. It was one of the best birthday presents I have ever had because memories will last a lot longer than a bottle of wine.

Anyway, we had a busy few weeks before hand it kept forgetting that we were going to Birmingham that weekend. Don't get me wrong, I was looking forward to it for quite some time. But you know when you are just super busy and you just sometimes forget some things? Yeah, me too.

The train journey down to Birmingham was long winded full of rude, old, obnoxious people so that was a super start to the evening. We headed down to the O2 Institute and not the Academy (last time we went to a concert in Birmingham we thought it was at the Academy so walked all the way there to realise it was on the other side of the town). We got in quite fast and found the bar. The atmosphere was a lot different to the last gig we went to (Bury Tomorrow - you can imagine), it smelt a lot less.

It took over an hour for the support act to come on and he was slightly disappointing live, but he put on a good show. I was slightly apprehensive about Newton Faulkner's performance in case the sound system wasn't that great, also it was taking ages (another hour) for him to come on stage. At this point we had found out they were selling 2 pints in one glass at the bar so we grabbed ourselves a couple of these which was a great idea.

The best part of the night was about to happen and Newton Faulkner turned up on the stage and smiles and cheers were all around the room (it is quite a small venue here). He had an amazing voice and is extremely talented with music making every song sound even better than when it was played through my MP3 (not surprising). You could also see the look of excitement in his eyes of how involved and happy everyone else was watching him. 

Although, there was one annoying thing about this night, drunk girls. There's always that one that just doesn't know when to shut up and sadly they got closer to us and louder which made it difficult to hear the artist speak in-between his songs. But like I say, sadly there's always one.

Unfortunately, we couldn't see the whole show due to having to catch a train at 10 o'clock so we had to leave early. Part of me is thinking what if I missed one of my favourite songs (So Much), but then  at the same time I did get to see most of the songs I enjoy so much performed live and it was an incredible experience.

Overall this was such a good experience and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. Besides many drunk people it was amazing to see Newton Faulkner live. Special thanks to my wonderful fiance Kee. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Who was your favourite artist/band live? Or who would you really want to go and see.

Peace out!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Breakfast at Frankie & Benny's.

Last week was a busy week consisting of Halloween, gigs, nights out and finally Kee's birthday. It was a very exhausting but fun week. So when it came to the Sunday (Kee's birthday) we were intending on staying at home all day and just relaxing. However, we had been to Stoke the day before with his family to Frankie and Benny's and Kee noticed that they did breakfast food (his favourite food besides curry). 

Then come Sunday morning we woke up super hungry, fed up of toast and decided to just go for it. We usually go to whetherspoons for food as it is cheap and reliable, however, as a birthday treat we decided to go for the new Frankie and Benny's as it seemed it would be cheap enough! It was only £5.95 for the standard breakfasts so that was quite a bargain!

The atmosphere in the restaurant itself was so nice and relaxing. Although, we were sat on this couples table and the lamp on the side was rather bright and blinding! We went early enough in the morning so there were only several other people in the restaurant which made it easy to have conversations, not like when you usually go and you can barely hear yourself speak. 

Anyway, there was a lot to choose from on the Breakfast Menu, especially the vegetarian options which is always appreciated. I went for the Veggie Stacker which was really nice and obviously had avocado in it (because everything has avocado in it these days), don't get me wrong though this made it super tasty. It also had a potato rosti a.k.a a huge hash brown on the bottom which is my fav breakfast food so this made me happy.

Kee went for the Triple Stack Pancakes (let him off, it was his birthday) which he said was nice but could have done with some more maple syrup. But he ate it all anyway and it made a good start to the day. As you can see in the photo below it also made him very happy ready to indulge into the food that makes him the happiest. 

The restaurant also offers unlimited hot drinks which would have been awesome if we weren't too full from all the food we had just eaten... what a hard day indeed. The coffee was really nice, quite strong so just right and nice enough to finish the breakfast off with. 

It was definitely a different experience to what we are used to with whetherspoons food. It was nice to have a change for once and not worry too much about the cost of the food and to try something different. All in all the restaurant had a nice atmosphere, the service was super fast for the food (probably because it wasn't that busy), the food was nice and now we have 25% off to spend on our next meal out. You can also download the app for Frankie and Benny's and you can receive some awesome vouchers to save an extra bit of cash, pretty awesome huh? 

Next time you are wanting to go out for breakfast and struggling to decide on where to go, I recommend trying out Frankie and Benny's. It's cheap enough, a lot to choose from (even vegetarian options) and it is rather delicious. 

Where are your favourite places to go out and eat?

Peace out! 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Winter is here, now to get through it.

It is that time of year where summer has long passed in the U.K and we are edging closer towards the end of Autumn and the start of Winter. Some of us out there welcome Winter with open arms, whereas the rest of us cross our arms to form a barrier and end up in denial that Winter exists.I am guilty of being in the group for the latter part. In my option, Winter sucks. I don't understand those who love the early darkness in the nights and enjoy freezing everywhere if you aren't layered up with 10 different types of clothes. I am one of those people who long for warmth, long bright days and shot nights. Of course that cannot happen in this country and sadly we can't always receive what we desire. 

Unfortunately, this time of year can be the worst time for many individual's mental health. After-all, this time of year is when SAD (seasonal affective disorder) likes to kick in for many individuals. SAD is a disorder that negatively affects individuals mental health at certain times of the year, in particular, Winter. It does get extremely hard for some individual's around this time of year, which is why it is important to take the time to take care of yourself. I thought I would share some things I do/ need to do when I don't feel quite right during this time of year.

Run a bubble bath ~ nothing is more relaxing that being in the warmth with the smell of the bubble bath/ bath bombs. To add that extra something to make it complete just add that candle that you love the smell of. Or be brave and start a fresh new candle that you've been wanting to use for ages, adding extra light to your room for some ambiance. So to quote Dumbledore: Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light'. Or in this case, light a candle. 

Cosy up ~ bring out everything fluffy you own; PJ's, sleeping socks, slippers, dressing gowns. Everything soft that you can wear to keep you warm and cosy.

Grab your coat love ~ put on your coat, gloves, hat, scarf and get outside. Make sure you do this during the day so you can experience some daylight (while it is still out). Now take a walk, don;t think about where, just go anywhere. You never know what you will find. 

Loose yourself ~ grab a blanket, make sure it is fluffy, or even a duvet and get on your sofa. Grab out a DVD or go on Netflix and relax in front of a film. I have been wanting to watch the Harry Potter films for ages (in case you couldn't tell) so I will need to watch these when I find the DVD's (they aren't on Netflix -.-). 

Get chatting ~ talk to someone who makes you feel happy. One of the worst things about SAD is that it can make you feel super lonely. So give that friend/ family member a phone call or text or even see if they are free to meet up with them. 

Do you take sugar with that? ~ grab a warm drink, whether that is a tea, coffee or hot chocolate, go get it. Either make it yourself at home or go and treat yourself to a drink you would usually try. Maybe even go for the new Costa or Starbucks Christmas menu's to get in that Winter spirit (I've heard it is supposed to be really good) ~ go give it a try.

I hope this has helped several of you with some ideas on different ways on how to help get through this time of year. Obviously this is a limited list as there are so many other things you can do, after-all it is down to personal preference and what works best for each individual. 

What sort of things do you do to help get through these times? If there is something you get up to that really helps then please let me know! I am open to more suggestions. 

Stay cosy, stay safe and keep up with taking care of yourself.

Peace out!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Music: What's making me move?

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? Hope you are all having a lovely week and enjoying the weather (which is about as indecisive as myself and Kee choosing between watching Stranger Things or The Good Place on Netflix)

I thought today I would talk about what music I'm really digging at the moment. I spend so long walking to and from work each week so I ended up getting Spotify Premium in order to enjoy music on the go. It is worth the £9.99 a month when you can download some of your favourite songs to your device. It is great to enjoy a bit of variety depending on what you feel like listening to and it is also great to share what you love. If you love something what is the point in keeping it to yourself when you can share this and allow others to enjoy what you love. Hence why I am going to share a few songs I absolutely love at the moment.

Katy Perry - Chained to the Rhythm

I will start off with someone spectacular, the all time babe that is Katy Perry and her song Chained to the Rhythm. When I first heard this song I was amazed. I love the story behind the song about how oblivious people are to real issues due to being surrounded by 'the bubble' and thinking they are in a perfect world. Not only has it got a good story, but it is super catchy. When I first heard this I wanted to learn the lyrics (especially Skip Marley's part) so I listened to it at least 100 times, yet I still want to listen to it more! Take a look at the video to get an understanding of the song, it is worth your time.


My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words.

I never used to listen to MCR, then I met my fiance who was obsessed. When I say obsessed I am pretty sure he was in the crowd of those who cried when they broke up (he never got to see them live). Anyway, I was one of those people who, if you asked me do you like MCR, I would be like 'yeah I've listened to the Black Parade song'. Looking back I do not even know why I was such a music hermit and why I never listened to more songs by MCR. Then I met Kee who introduced MCR to me, more so, Famous Last Words. What a song! When I first heard it I had this on repeat, after all, it is extremely catchy. Whenever I listen to it I always get a sudden urge of motivation to crack on with things and attempt to get my life in order. Definitely worth giving a little listen to, especially if you are needing some motivation! 

Bring Me The Horizon - Follow You

This song is the song that my fiance played just before he proposed to me. This song will always be a song that means so much to me and it was also awesome seeing this played live in Birmingham last year. The lyrics behind this song are so true and every time I hear this song it genuinely makes me feel so happy. With this song as well you really need to watch the video (there are zombies in it - how cool?!) as it is produced so well, once you've seen it, you'll never want to stop.

Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away

Avenged Sevenfold have always been one of my favourite bands. I have now seen them live twice and both times it was so good being in that atmosphere listening to a band that I have loved for ages. You can read about my latest experience seeing Avenged Sevenfold here. So Far Away is such a beautiful song that brings you into the moment. It was only about two years ago when I found out the meaning behind the lyrics. See, this song was made in memory of one of the band members, The Rev, who sadly passed away. Even though the song is about something sad, it is a beautiful song. If you like this song take a moment to check out the video for it. If the song itself doesn't make you tear up, the video most certainly will. (I mean just thinking about the video and song is making me slightly emotional right now). I feel like in order for you to understand why I love this song so much you need to listen to it, my words do not give its beauty enough justice. 

Dua Lipa - New Rules

This song. This Artist. This is just everything I need in life. If you haven't head this song, please do now. It is so good and the meaning behind the lyrics are so true. Basically, it is teaching 3 simple rules on how to stay strong after a break up. I really wish this song was out several years ago where some of my friends were having difficulties with this sort of situation. I would have locked them in a room and played this song on repeat until they got the rues in their heads. Not only, but again, this is a super banging tune that you simply cannot stop listening to. I first heard this song on YouTube, yes before you ask, it was my fiance who showed me the video (gotta give him a lot of credit for some of the things I listen to). The video is fun to watch and if you are anything like me you will fall more and more in love with Dua Lipa. It got this far that I changed my background to this photo I stumbled across of Dua Lipa with the cute bunny (I love animals so it was a purrfect match). 

Source: DIY Magazine
Kesha - Woman

This song is from Rainbow which is Kesha's latest album and it is an awesome album. This song though is so catchy and up beat. It is my go to song if I am feeling down as it helps to encourage me to feel better about myself. Also, have a closer listen to the lyrics in this song and you will understand why I love it so much.

Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God

Every time I listen to this song I am taken back to day trips out with my Dad and brother, driving around the Welsh country side. This song is from the Self Titled album which is one of my favourite albums of all time. This song is extremely passionate and it is so hard not to get lost in the moment with this song.

Fan Art

Here are a few more songs that I have been listening to and enjoying recently:

Thirty Seconds To Mars - This Is War

Katy Perry - Swish Swish

Taylor Swift - Bad Blood

Thirty Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday

Kesha - Praying

Katy Perry - Bon appetite

Thirty Seconds to Mars - Walk on Water

Clean Bandit (feat. Zara Larsson) - Symphony. 

I hope you enjoyed this post today and spend some time enjoying some new/old music. What songs are making you dance at the moment? 

Peace out! 

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Creepy cookies

Hey guys, 

It is super close to Halloween now and I am extremely excited for it. I hope you all have big plans, whether that be a party, trick or treatin' or watching spooky films all night. No matter what you guys do I hope you all have an awesome time! 

This year myself and my fiance decided that we are going to be hosting a party (Kee has never been to a Halloween party so we thought it was necessary to have one). I absolutely adore having parties/ social gatherings (for anyone who always used to say that to their parents to make sure they knew you weren't drinking) and I love decorating the house and preparing goods (especially for Halloween)! 

Today I will be showing you how to (attempt to) make some creepy cookies. I apologise in advance for my baking skills, they aren't quite up to scratch yet. But then again if you don't try, you'll never know eh?

So first of all you'll be needing to gather your ingredients for the biscuit dough. I always follow a recipe without eggs because; one it is simple to do, and two I never seem to have eggs in. 

Biscuit dough:
Caster sugar: 2 oz
Butter: 4 oz
Plain flour: 6 oz 
Almond extract: several drops

Simple enough to get? I do usually use vanilla extract however this time I accidentally ordered almond extract I thought I would try something new. First of all pre heat your oven to gas mark 2/150°C.  After you have done this you can begin with the dough and start to mix the sugar and butter together until it has a sort of fluffy texture. Then add in the flavouring. You can also add in some food colouring at this point depending on what cookies you are making. Once this is all mixed in you can add a little bit of the flour and mix in, then repeat this until you are able to make a ball of dough without the mix falling apart.

Next step from here is to sprinkle a little flour over your work surface and then roll out the dough. Then you can start cutting the dough into spooky shapes like spiders, ghosts, pumpkins and gravestones. I wasn't able to find any around the shops so I drew them out and cut them up to work around. Once you have done this you will need to butter up your baking tray so the biscuits don't stick to the tray, that's the last think you want to happen! Then place in the oven for around 20/25 minutes depending on how thin the biscuits are. It is always better to start off with a lower time so you don't accidentally over cook the cookies!


Once your cookies have baked to perfection and cooled down you can begin the fun part - decorating! I always always go for using icing sugar and making my own icing but somehow I always end up destroying any sort of dignity the poor biscuits had. So, this time I decided to go for ready to roll icing. It did work better than the icing sugar so that is a plus side! 

 Follow the instructions on the icing (depending on which sort you go for). For the ready to roll icing you can place the biscuit on top of the icing and use a knife to cut around. Use some water to stick the icing onto the biscuit and wrap the edges round.

For colouring you can roll out the icing and place into a bowl with some food colouring and then mix around so all the icing is covered. This seemed to work really well for the orange food dye to make the pumpkin shapes. However, it was slightly difficult to colour for the black icing (I would recommend getting the black ready to roll icing instead of using food colouring). Then you can add little details (such as eyes) with straws and using a knife dipped into the food dye, just to add a little extra to the cookies.

Once this has all set you are ready to serve them all up, or feel free to lock them away from everyone else! 

Super easy to do and really cheap as well. If you are trying these or have tried this out let me know how it goes for you! Tank you for reading today!

Peace out! 

Friday, 13 October 2017

Postboxed: A gift for everyone

Hey guys, 

I hope you're all doing well, even if it is beginning to get a bit chilly right now, so go do yourself a favour and grab a warm cup of tea (or coffee or whatever hot beverage you enjoy) before you sit down to read this post. 

It is fast approaching that time of year where the nights grow longer and the festive season is due to commence... and we all know what that means. Rushing around, late night shopping until we finally get gifts for everyone, but even then there is always that last minute item you have forgotten to get while you were out! 

Wouldn't it make it so much easier if there was a gift you could get without even leaving the house? What if I were to tell you there is a place you can do this, but you don't even have to stay at home to receive the parcel? That's right, there is an online ordering site where you can order gifts for family/friends to your house and they are small enough to fit through your post box. Or for those long distance friends/family you can get the gifts delivered to their address and surprise them on a special day. Postboxed gifts offers free gift-wrapping, gift cards and even a custom delivery date so you can order today and get this delivered for a certain date weeks from now. How cool?! 

I thought I would share a few of Postboxed's gifts with you guys today and share what I love from this site. 

So I was searching through the site and I did just have to share this gift with you, it is called Beer Box. This box includes a poster of the 50 greatest beers in the world, a tea towel, a bottle opener and a grow your own beer garden matchbox. Like you can grow your own beer garden, what? To be quite honest, this gift had me at 'Beer'....

It can sometimes be hard to find that perfect gift for someone so Postboxed has created the option for you to go ahead and order a mystery gift. Now don't worry, it isn't totally random, you can also choose the size of the gift and what occasion/who it is going to be for! They have even said that if you are struggling to choose what gift to go for this is the best option as it is worth more than what you pay, awesome sauce to that! 

Postboxed also do little gifts for those who are celebrating their life together in love. I came across this little package and thought it was quite adorable, Bride to be box. For those of you who have read some of my previous posts I am currently engaged so hint hint to anyone who knows me. In all seriousness though, check out this gift because it is awesome. 

So sit back and enjoy the ease of stress free, online ordering just in time for Christmas.

What do you guys think of this site and what gift would you order from here?

Peace out!