Friday, 13 October 2017

Postboxed: A gift for everyone

Hey guys, 

I hope you're all doing well, even if it is beginning to get a bit chilly right now, so go do yourself a favour and grab a warm cup of tea (or coffee or whatever hot beverage you enjoy) before you sit down to read this post. 

It is fast approaching that time of year where the nights grow longer and the festive season is due to commence... and we all know what that means. Rushing around, late night shopping until we finally get gifts for everyone, but even then there is always that last minute item you have forgotten to get while you were out! 

Wouldn't it make it so much easier if there was a gift you could get without even leaving the house? What if I were to tell you there is a place you can do this, but you don't even have to stay at home to receive the parcel? That's right, there is an online ordering site where you can order gifts for family/friends to your house and they are small enough to fit through your post box. Or for those long distance friends/family you can get the gifts delivered to their address and surprise them on a special day. Postboxed gifts offers free gift-wrapping, gift cards and even a custom delivery date so you can order today and get this delivered for a certain date weeks from now. How cool?! 

I thought I would share a few of Postboxed's gifts with you guys today and share what I love from this site. 

So I was searching through the site and I did just have to share this gift with you, it is called Beer Box. This box includes a poster of the 50 greatest beers in the world, a tea towel, a bottle opener and a grow your own beer garden matchbox. Like you can grow your own beer garden, what? To be quite honest, this gift had me at 'Beer'....

It can sometimes be hard to find that perfect gift for someone so Postboxed has created the option for you to go ahead and order a mystery gift. Now don't worry, it isn't totally random, you can also choose the size of the gift and what occasion/who it is going to be for! They have even said that if you are struggling to choose what gift to go for this is the best option as it is worth more than what you pay, awesome sauce to that! 

Postboxed also do little gifts for those who are celebrating their life together in love. I came across this little package and thought it was quite adorable, Bride to be box. For those of you who have read some of my previous posts I am currently engaged so hint hint to anyone who knows me. In all seriousness though, check out this gift because it is awesome. 

So sit back and enjoy the ease of stress free, online ordering just in time for Christmas.

What do you guys think of this site and what gift would you order from here?

Peace out!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Colour Freedom: A review.

Hey guys, 

How you all doing today? For those of you who have seen some of my Instagram posts you will probably know that I can't hold the same colour hair for more than a month or so.I often go for Live Colour XXL and usually that works out alright but they didn't have the colour I wanted to go for the last few occasions. I went to dye my hair for Download and I used Crazy Colour which turned out awful on one side for the pink and then relatively OK on the other side for the turquoise. This time I wanted to try something different because my hair was looking dire and I couldn't quite decide what to go for. I have heard mixed reviews on different opinions on different hair dye and which one was the best to go for, which makes it so hard to decide!

Anyway, my friend told us about the hair dye she uses and it looked as though it actually worked for her hair and her boyfriends hair. All we knew at the time when trying to find the hair dye in super drug was that it was 2 for £9, so Kee got some for the both of us to try out (because he is the best). So we found the Colour Freedom collection by Knight & Wilson and took this home to try.

So let's talk about the hair dye Kee went for first. This was the Tropical Aqua colour which looks like a lovely colour to go for. In the box there was a tube of already mixed hair dye which made it easier for application, rather than the usual hassle of adding different tubes into one bottle.

Kee only really needed to use one quarter of the bottle as his hair is really short. Here is what his hair looked like before the application and then a picture of after application.


As you can see this worked out rather well on his hair and there was still plenty left for further application.

I chose to go for something different this time and go for an orange ish colour, Coral Blush. I thought it looked like a nice colour to go for and my hair needed desperately sorting out.

I needed to use more hair dye than Kee because of the length of my hair so there wasn't much left in the bottle after the first application. I also went over my hair a few days later and used the rest of the bottle for the second application. Here is what my hair colour was like before and after the second application.

As you can see,this didn't quite turn out as good as Kee's did, which was rather disappointing. So see now I have some mixed opinions on this hair dye brand from the different outcomes.

I think it would be a good brand to go for but avoid using it for the Coral Blush. It was a good deal to go for so not too much money wasted, but I think next time I will stick to the usual Live Colour XXL.

The turnout
What hair dye do you guys go for and what would you recommend is the best one to use? Feel free to leave comments in the section below and have a great day!

Peace out!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Rocket League

Hey guys, 

I would like to talk about a game today and that game is Rocket League. So, my friends had been talking about this game for a while and how good they were at it and how we should get the game ourselves. I was a bit hesitant on what this game actually was about and whether it was any good. See usually the games these guys play isn't really up my alley as such. But then my fiance decided to get it and it looked really fun so he got it for me as well, how kind. 

The basis of the game is you play football (mostly), basket ball, ice hockey against other players. Twist, you play these games as vehicles (which you can customise to your perfect vehicle). That's right you can play sports as cars against other cars. Now I'm not usually one for sporting games in reality let alone on Xbox, but this game had a different vibe where it is more entertaining.

OK. So besides being able to play sports as vehicles, there is also a booster you can occasionally use to increase the speed you can drive at. This only usually lasts around seconds before it's back to normal speed *sigh*, but this isn't the only way. This leads me to the custom games you can make on this game where you can choose any sort of arena and you can choose to have the speed boost on constantly, yes that is exactly what I do in this. I mean, who wouldn't do this when you can basically fly across the court. It makes it incredibly difficult to play the game properly but it is super fun. 

I know you're all having a whale of a time just reading about these cool features this game has. You're probably sat there super eager to get the game and enjoy the experience, but the fun does not end here, I'll tell you that for sure. Every 10 seconds or so you get to enjoy a little super feature that helps you either get to the ball or absolutely destroy the other players. This could be anything from making another car go at an uncontrolled accelerated rate to gaining spikes to either pick up the ball or take down another player.

Whilst these features can be used in a normal match, they can't be used to their full capacity like they can in the private matches. The only real downside to this is that you need to have someone join your party or join someones party to play, you cannot create the match to play on your own. This probably makes me sound like a proper saddo right now, honestly I do have a life, I just like to custom the game to full speed and can only do this when Kee will accept. I mean, there is the freeplay training you can do which allows you to go full speed boost, but it's not a match. 

So anyway, it is a really good game and even better when you need to let off some steam by just driving round on full speed. It was quite cheap to purchase as well so I hope I have helped some of you gamers (or non gamers) find something that you can try out, it is definitely at least worth trying. 

Do any of guys like Rocket League at all? Also what sort of games do you like to play? Feel free to leave comments below. 

Peace out! 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Download Festival

Hey guys,

How are you all doing on this 'lovely' morning? For those of you who follow my Twitter and Instagram you will know that at the beginning of June I went to my first ever festival. That's right, I finally made it to Download festival and oh boy what a time I had.

I first found out I was going to be going in December last year as my fiance had bought tickets for a Christmas present. He bought the tickets for the 5 night camping so we could enjoy the whole experience. 

First things first (besides screaming in joy) was to get time off work and get everything we needed to take along with us. When I say first things first you would have thought we did this immediately, but that was not the case. We were still shopping for supplies and packing the day before we were leaving to go! Not very organised when it comes to situations like these... But don't worry, we had some of the booze ready a few days earlier!

So Day 1; getting there - What a journey. The journey consisted of one taxi, two trains, one bus, a long wait in line of a very short distance followed by what seemed like forever to get to the campsite to pitch. Now this doesn't seem so bad but imagine doing this carrying your own body weight in a rucksack, a tent, chairs and a trolley. The worst part of it was queuing for over an hour and a half in a short distance with that bag on my back, I ended up having to take it off and drag it 5 paces every 20 minutes. But my goodness the rest of the week made this journey so worth it, even with the back and shoulder ache!

It was exhausting and when we managed to find somewhere to pitch the tents the wind really didn't help at all. Also when we pitched the tent we purchased from Halfords it was an absolute disaster. They only went and sent us a tent without any pegs so we had to go and buy some pegs, which was an absolute nightmare. We managed to sort everything out by around 3pm so all in all in took us around 6 hours to get there and pitched up.

Finally pitched and there.

On the Thursday we met up with our friend Vicky and consumed some of the alcohol we carried with us and enjoyed going round the village and going on some of the rides.

The following few days consisted of playing some games, drinking and enjoying time in the sun. Then going into the arena later on in the day and listening to some awesome bands.

On the Friday I was super overwhelmed with the whole set of the festival, it was so huge and there was so much going on so I spent most of this day in awe. Decided to get a pint whilst in the arena as well, do not recommend unless you have a lot money! This day we saw (not in order) Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Five Finger Death Punch and headlining we saw System of a Down (these were just a few that I can remember) - so awesome though. We were aiming to go and see Motionless in White but sadly got there just after they finished the set list (Kee got the times wrong, sheesh). Such a good day though but super tiring - as expected!

Then comes the second day of being able to watch the bands - this was probably my favourite day of the week. We spent most of this day playing stupid drinking games and again enjoying the sun. Also decided to get some face paint which was the BEST idea but also turned out to be the worst idea for poor Vicky who had a bad reaction to it (sadly no photos). But this happened the day after so it seemed like a great idea at the time! Then this day we saw A Day to Remember, which was followed by Kee and Vicky absolutely terrifying themselves with going on one of the rides. Then we went to go and see Alestorm! I have no words on how awesome this was and how much fun everyone was having singing along to these. Then we saw the headliners Biffy Clyro - who were awesome. After listening to these for so long it was surreal seeing them perform live. 

So, the next day was quite something (that hangover, I mean, WOW....). It was a mix between wanting to eat everything whilst trying not to be sick but again, drinking. My poor body. Vicky did have a bit of a problem at this point regarding her poor little face. I won't go into much detail but glitter, sun and Vicky do not mix. Good job she had sunglasses, even if it was raining....

So anyway, we returned to the routine we had been religiously practicing for the past few days. Then later on in the day we returned to the arena to listen to some bands. This day we went to watch Steel Panther.... my goodness what a show. I think I've only ever listened to one of their songs before but listening to them and seeing them perform live it was amazing. Some of their songs, I mean, it's probably an acquired taste but definitely worth giving a try. Best part was when they got all the girls on stage, by far.

 Then to finish the end of the festival.... Aerosmith! I don't know whether it was the hangover, lack of sleep, tired legs or just the song but my eyes got emotional during 'I don't want to miss a thing' (the song still makes me weep now). What an awesome show and way to end the festival.

Sadly the next day was packing and travelling home.... But my, my what an experience. Shout out to my fiance for the best Christmas present ever! Anyone who likes this sort of weekend, I would definitely recommend you go to Download, you won't be disappointed. 

Until next year, Download!

Peace out! 

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Post University depression and stress.

Hey guys,

Today I would like to touch on an issue that is so often forgotten about. That is the mental health of students who have completed their degree. Now, you would think that the health of these ex-students would improve now that they have less stress from assignments, exams and their dissertation. You would also think that because they are moving back home (for the majority) that they would be feeling great to be around family and friends again.

However, this often isn't the case for ex-students. Don't get me wrong I know that quite a few students end up staying in their uni town due to jobs, liking of the location and partners or friend they have chosen to live with. Even so for these individuals they might not be as relieved or as happy as they appear.

Unfortunately, with some ex-students they are often exposed to stressors which lead to the development of stress and depression. Whilst I was at University I found that myself and other people I knew were anxious and excited about finishing University but terrified to hell about what would happen next.This including, but not limited to; where to live, finding a job, staying in contact with friends, what steps to take to pursue a career in the field that had been studied over the past three years. Then there was if all the stress and anxiety was worth it after coming out of the three years with a piece of paper and a job in a completely different area.

This is the main concern with many students that they have spent such a long time in studying and they are challenged finding a job in their field. The worst part is when you find a relevant job and the role requires at least 10 years experience (not to exaggerate...). Thus leading to the development of several factors including; worthlessness, low self-esteem, all factors that contribute towards the development of depression within these individuals. Which, lets face it, is the complete opposite of what is expected when University ends.

Whilst most Universities talk about what your life will be like whilst studying at your chosen institute, they do not tend to talk about life after. The only thing you really hear from Universities is how many students are in jobs after they have finished the course, not even jobs related to what students are studying. The most contact you receive from a University will usually be a phone call 6 months later asking if you enjoyed the course, whether or not you have a job in the area that you have studied and whether your course helped you to get your job. For the majority of graduates the answers to the last two would be no to both. 

It is all good and well asking these questions in order to record statistics of students going into employment after University. Don't get me wrong, I understand the importance of these surveys as they are key factors in helping students decide which University to go to. However, these surveys are done by strangers who don't know these graduates. Not by any lectures who were there to help you by through assignments and your dissertation throughout your time at the University. Not done by someone who you got to know over the years, but by a stranger who looked up your name on a piece of paper. Then it makes you feel as though the whole 3 years or so of studying was not as personal as the leaflets and brochures made it out to be, but simply a way of getting statistics for the success rate of the University. As you can imagine, feeling as just another statistic rather than an individual, as though you are nothing, can also contribute to the development of stress and depression. 

'Was it worth it?', a question that often runs around the minds of those who have either recently finishes University or even 3, 6, 9, 12 months down the line. Those three years or so of hard work when you end up coming out with a piece of paper, no specialised job and a hell of a lot of debt. Depending on where you live in the country this debt can range from £20, 000 - £60, 000 (if not more). Now, can you imagine having this much debt then to come out of University questioning if it was even worth it? Or was it just three years of your life just wasted away as you put your life on hold. When you could have been doing so much more? As these thoughts go round your head you start to feel less successful and as though you have let those around you down. Every so often you think you've let yourself down by not having the career you have studied for and want. Leading to stronger feelings that have a severe detrimental impact on an individuals mental health. 

As you can see this is a huge problem that affects many across the country but it is so often unknown. There needs to be some change in the support for graduates or more so just generally support. So that graduates can also have a better mental state and the support to help prevent stressors towards depression and stress. More so the improvement of options and guidance to help pursue their dream careers. 

In the mean time, for those of you who are struggling with any of these issues, 'Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.'. When I am feeling as though I have wasted my past few years my fiance quotes this back to me and it does often help. Keep working towards that dream job of yours and you will get there eventually, one step at a time. 

Please feel free to leave any comments about your experiences and how you got on after University. 

Peace out! 

Monday, 19 June 2017


Hey guys, 

For those of you who have seen some of my previous posts you may know that i like to enjoy the occasional hike. Sadly it has been quite difficult to find the time to go on a walk with going to work at the same time my pops want to go.

The other week my dad decided we should walk up Cnight again and hopefully find the correct way down this time. This time my fiance was asking to come with to see why we enjoy strenuous exercise whilst walking up mountains. Little did we know what the day ahead had to hold for us. For one Kee didn't know what appropriate shoes to wear (which leads to stories for later on in the day)! 

We got up super early (as always), fed the cat and drove down to Cnicht car park in Wales. We met one of my dad's friends in the car park who was eager to get walking and prepared with his gloves and his beloved hat.

Started walking up and the first part of the walk was a long, steep incline through some trees. After this part of the walk we continued on open green hills and behind we could see the sea at Black Rock Sands beach. Well, just about see the sea,,, I forgot to mention that the weather wasn't exactly brilliant. It was windy, rainy, dark and cloudy. But still we kept climbing up and over the little peaks before the summit. 

Up and over we climbed over the rocks with stopping every so often to admire the view around (and to catch our breath). 

So we climbed, tripped and scrambled around and up some ridges and over some fences getting closer to the summit. Remember earlier I said the weather was pretty tragic? Well weren't we in for a nice surprise when the weather got WORSE! "Through blistering winds...." so to quote Shrek but that is exactly how it was at such a height. 

We walked further up and ended up getting further into the clouds where it was hard to see the view in the distance. It was also a little difficult to keep up straight with the wind getting more forceful and gently knocking us down a little. 

We had one peak to climb around before we got to the summit. Unfortunately the weather got too difficult to even stand up in so we ended up having to crawl to some rocks to protect ourselves from the wind. Then my dad's poor friend lost his hat as it was forced off him by the wind. At this point we decided we should turn back round and head back as it was virtually impossible to continue to the summit. 

So we headed back down the mountain, trying to find the easiest path with the most coverage from the wind. At this point most of us spent half of the journey back down on our butts as it was that wet, windy and muddy (especially Kee with those really appropriate shoes he was wearing....). We managed to make it back to the footpath which was a few hills away from the trees leading to the car park. We came across a really muddy track at one point which led to a stream. When we got to this point my brother, Austin, was trying to show Kee which way to walk down without slipping. Only it did not go too well for him as he slipped down trying to show Kee (I can't say it wasn't hilarious to watch in all honesty). 

Not to worry though, we got back to the car safely and enjoyed the experience. Sadly we didn't get to find the correct footpath down but there's always a next time. 

The day on a whole was an experience to say the least. Maybe not the best day to show Kee what walking is like and looking at all the views but for the most part we all enjoyed it. 

Hopefully next time we will have a more pleasant experience.

How do you guys like to spend your days off? Feel free to leave any comments in the section below. 

Peace out!

Monday, 5 June 2017


Hey guys,

Today I wanted to show you all a really cool gift website that I have been introduced to recently. The website is called UncommonGoods and as the name suggests it is a website full of quirky gifts, items for your home and more.

When looking at some of the gifts you can get I found some pretty interesting ones including this awesome 'Bioluminescent Dino Pet'. Whilst having a look at this one I noticed you can view the actual size of the gift on your web browser. This lets you adjust the zoom on your page to something you have around you e.g. a credit card in order to view the actual size of the item. If you like the look of this gift then I suggest you take a look at more of the amazing gifts for men at UncommonGoods here.

Source: UncommonGoods

The gifts for men aren't the only thing this company sell. They also have wonderful ideas for wedding gifts. These gifts look really nice and you can even personalise them. You no longer have to work around using 'Mr & Mrs' type gimmicks for gifts but make it feel as though you are doing something more special with the personalised effects on these gifts. For those of you who don't know I will be getting married to my best friend and if you are struggling for gifts I will leave you with this image for some ideas and hints. 

Source: UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods not only have gifts to give to the couple getting married but also to those who are there helping every step of the way. The company has a complete section on a way to saying thank you to the bridesmaids with some extraordinary gifts. There is such a variety of gifts to choose from and to say thank you to your ladies helping you through the big day. Here is a sneak peak of one of the really cool gifts they have - 'Solar System Bath Bombs'. I know that bath bombs are awesome and no one can resist the excitement of watching a ball of soap fizz in the water. So take a look at the  UncommonGoods website to see what goods they have over there!

Source: UncommonGoods

Now that I have shown you a glimpse of some of the gifts this website have I would like to show you some interesting information behind the company. The main policy that really intrigued me about the company is their interest in treating their workers as equals and with respect. After all the key to a good company is the workers, if they are not happy then it will show in the company. But after looking at the website it looks as though they are living up to their policies as the website is pretty good. The other thing that struck me as worth mentioning is that the company itself are not only friendly to the people but the animals and the Earth. They believe in keeping everything green. Every product they use and sell contained recycled parts. 

If you want to find out more information on this company (which I highly recommend) then visit the links I have included in this post. You can go and take a look at the awesome goods they have and so much more, I promise you won't regret it. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today. What are your favourite goods from this website? Leave any comments in the section below. 

Peace out! 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed

Hey guys,

Friday the 13th was actually pretty wicked day for me this year. Last year my dad surprised us with tickets to go with them and see Avenged Sevenfold with the supports of Disturbed and In Flames. (*waves hands in the air* - thanks dad). We weren't too fussed about seeing In Flames so we arrived just in time to see Disturbed. 

Photo Credit: Kee


Disturbed were amazing to see live. After only recently listening to and enjoying their music it was pretty awesome to get to see them perform. To begin with the lead singer, David Draiman, had strong and clear vocals that were easy to hear throughout the performance. The stage settings went along with the songs that were played. I mean, they had fire blasting out on stage. How cool is that?! 

Photo Credit: Kee

Every song they played was amazing but the best one that I was dying to see live was The Sound Of Silence. It sounded amazing in the arena, it was intense. I mean the song itself is great enough by itself listening through speakers. But to hear it live was incredible.

Photo Credit: Kee

Not only was the music amazing but the general aura of Disturbed was pretty awesome. The band got the crowd involved and everyone looked to be having a great time. All in all Disturbed were great to see and I 100% recommend listening to their music and seeing them at their next show. 

Avenged Sevenfold

Now to the moment the excitement had all been leading up to - AVENGED. I have been obsessed with A7X for a good few years now and they bring back so many memories, specifically trips around winding roads in Wales. You know when you listen to songs and instantly an image appears bringing back memories, well for me all avenged songs bring images of country lanes and sunny Sundays.

So, as you can imagine I was super excited for their performance. (I have seen them before a few years ago and that was awesome then,so I had quite high expectations for this show.).

Fan art
If I am being completely honest the first song they played The Stage was a slight let down. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand that A7X had brought out a new album before the tour so this song was important to be played. However, based on the crowds reactions and personal opinion I feel it would have been better if they began with Nightmare or Buried Alive.

Photo Credit: Kee

This was well compensated for after the first song as we did get to see Nightmare being performed. There was a variety of songs from different albums and several from the new album (which it appeared barely any of the audience knew or felt taken to).

I do like variety as it gives the opportunity to be brought back to those memories of old songs and also introduces new songs. I'll admit I was rather skeptical when it came to listening to the new songs but one or two songs grew on me, the others not so much. The video playing in the background of the performance God Damn did compensate for some of the other songs played.

There were some clear comparisons between the performance of Disturbed and A7X. The main one that slightly let the performance down was that it was difficult to hear the lead singer, M Shadows, while the rest of the band were playing. It was at several points throughout certain songs where it was hard to hear what he was singing. Whereas when Disturbed were playing they had such a strong voice. Now I know this was probably down to technical issues because the first time I saw avenged they had a strong performance.

Photo Credit: Kee

Besides the technical let downs I loved seeing them again. They are always going to bring back so many memories when I listen to them and their music always hits my heart. I would definitely recommend going to see Disturbed or A7X live if you've never seen them. Even if you have, go watch them again because you know how awesome they are. Cheers for a sick night guys.

Photo Credit: Kee

What bands are you into and would you go and see either of these bands? If you have any comments feel free to leave your message in the section below.

Peace out!