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Life Update

Hey guys,
It's been a while, I've been out and a about doing all sorts but thought I would give blogging a go once again! So much has happened over the past year it has been full of so many great experiences, but sometimes not so good. Whilst this year has been filled with many ups, it has also had its' downs and I feel all these experiences have helped me learn new things and develop myself for the better even if it did mean going through the tough times. On the other side of things I have had some absolutely wonderful experiences, for one I went on my first holiday abroad (I say first, I went abroad last when I was 5, so I would class it as first). 

This holiday was an engagement present from my partner's grandparents, yes that's right, I'M ENGAGED. This was indeed a bit of a shock when he asked, but I couldn't be happier with him right now. I'm so excited to share the experience of the events from the past year with so many photos in my upcoming post…