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Hey guys, 
For those of you who have seen some of my previous posts you may know that i like to enjoy the occasional hike. Sadly it has been quite difficult to find the time to go on a walk with going to work at the same time my pops want to go.
The other week my dad decided we should walk up Cnight again and hopefully find the correct way down this time. This time my fiance was asking to come with to see why we enjoy strenuous exercise whilst walking up mountains. Little did we know what the day ahead had to hold for us. For one Kee didn't know what appropriate shoes to wear (which leads to stories for later on in the day)! 
We got up super early (as always), fed the cat and drove down to Cnicht car park in Wales. We met one of my dad's friends in the car park who was eager to get walking and prepared with his gloves and his beloved hat.
Started walking up and the first part of the walk was a long, steep incline through some trees. After this part of the walk we continued on…


Hey guys,
Today I wanted to show you all a really cool gift website that I have been introduced to recently. The website is called UncommonGoods and as the name suggests it is a website full of quirky gifts, items for your home and more.
When looking at some of the gifts you can get I found some pretty interesting ones including this awesome 'Bioluminescent Dino Pet'. Whilst having a look at this one I noticed you can view the actual size of the gift on your web browser. This lets you adjust the zoom on your page to something you have around you e.g. a credit card in order to view the actual size of the item. If you like the look of this gift then I suggest you take a look at more of the amazing gifts for men at UncommonGoods here.

The gifts for men aren't the only thing this company sell. They also have wonderful ideas for wedding gifts. These gifts look really nice and you can even personalise them. You no longer have to work around using 'Mr & Mrs' type gimm…