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Just under a year ago I was brought into the world of gaming and shown the light of playing Xbox One games. My fiance allowed me to see the light and enjoyment of playing games, well I say introduced me, but it was more so forced me to buy an Xbox one controller so we could play a game together.
A couple of months later Kee has managed to get me quite into playing games and learning all the skills and tricks of certain games. It then went from playing on Kee's Xbox down to persuasion of purchasing my own console. (Bearing in mind I haven't spent more than £100 on myself before this moment - so quite a shock with the price!). However, I can't complain because it was the best purchase I had made.
So today, I would like to talk about the reason why I bought an Xbox - as you might have guessed from the title - Destiny. Yes, that is right, the reason I bought a whole console was to play one game and that game being Destiny. As this is the first proper game I got into playing I…

Red Vape: Review.

For all you vapers out there I have a special something in store. I recently tried out some liquids from Red Vape and I was rather impressed. I think vaping allows an individual to explore and experience a variety of different flavours and different strengths of tobacco. I chose to try flavours 'Noble Mint' and 'Strawberry Fusion'. I was very impressed with the website as it is easy to navigate around and categorised well into sections. The liquids arrived within a few days of ordering them both, which of course is always a pleasing aspect to having new items! Upon arrival I was impressed with the packaging containing the liquid, the boxes were quite simple yet elegant.

Strawberry Fusion - Of course this one sounded exciting so I went for this one to begin with. Why would you not want to taste the strawberries? This one was lovely and worked well as a dominant flavour of strawberries mixed with a hint of vanilla. This one has got to be my favourite of the two flavours, …


Hey guys, 
Today I would like to reflect on little something I have done over the past 3 years, that is right - University! Uni was some of the best and the worst times of my life i'll admit. Obviously moving away and meeting new people, learning new things and seeing so much more in life has it's ups and downs. I have met some people from uni who will stick in my life for a good while. I have had stressful memories that will also leave a foot print in my memory. So a couple of months ago in November (you may be aware if you follow my Instagram) I went to my uni town in Worcester and graduated! *queue big wave of arms*. 

Anyway, so it hit me that I graduated and that three years of my life had just been summed up onto one piece of paper. Yes, it felt a bit pointless. However, I still made it throughout the whole three years (with a lot of help from my friends, family and of course the liquid courage). 

It was at this moment in time where I realised this is it. After what felt …