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Living on a budget

Hey guys! 
Today I thought I would talk about living on a budget. I have spent the past three years at University living as a student on student finances and I would have thought things would have improved financially now I have a job. However, things are still sort of tricky. It is often as though my bank is stuck in a rut, it gets paid and then next day all the bloody bills come out! So after a long thought regarding the struggles I thought I would share some tips and tricks on how to survive on a budget and not getting into sticky situations. So sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the read.

1) Switching Suppliers - Not long ago we switched providers for our electricity and gas due to being over charged a ridiculous amount. SSE initially charged around £30 a month for gas and ended up going up to £100 over the course of two payments. At this point we were quite concerned as we didn't use the heating as such and this was the only gas we use in the house. So we were freezing our …

Maintaining health and wellbeing whilst on holiday.

Hey Guys,
Today I would like to talk about holidays and how to ensure your health and wellbeing is at it's finest. We live in a very stressful environment in our day to day lives, getting to jobs, school/uni, seeing friends and family and making sure we get enough time to ourselves. When it all gets to much we turn around and say to ourselves and others that we really need a holiday, but then when it comes to the end of the time off we have had we usually end up not feeling as relaxed as we anticipated. Even for those who go away on holidays abroad or even away in England to spend a week away it is hard to recover in time to go back to our daily lives.

It's often difficult to maintain health and wellbeing and the majority are unaware of the importance it has to our daily lives. Being able to maintain a certain level of both health and wellbeing allows our bodies and our minds to feel as though they are being loved and there are so many benefits. For example, an increased leve…