Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Family Holiday: The part we loved

After my previous post on our family holiday it would only seem fitting to write about what happened next. If you haven't come across this post you can find it here.

So, we ended up in Cornwall, hoorah! After an early morning start and several hours travelling we arrived in the camp-site which we have stayed in for 3 years now. The camp-site is called Cambrose Touring Park and is a lovely, friendly environment. The weather was great when we arrived so it was straight off to the beach at Portreath, which as you can imagine was rather packed considering but was still a lovely place!

The Camp-site

For the evening we travelled down to St. Ives. St. Ives is a lovely little town which is very popular in the summer. It has a lovely beach on one side which is right next to the town that can be accessed via two alternative routes, one of which being along a coastal path. St. Ives is definitely a place to visit if you're ever down in Cornwall, not to forget the amount of seals that are spotted there (one evening there were four in the harbour!). 

View from the Harbour wall in St. Ives

The next day we spent in Newquay and Lizards point. Newquay is a popular town in Cornwall, it's more of a fun shopping or surfing day compared to the quaint town of St. Ives. Newquay is popular for it's surfing beach Fistral, which is usually very busy however, this year we didn't visit the beach. We spent the morning around the town and it was vibrant with street entertainers and the smell of Cornish pasties. The afternoon was spent at Lizards point which is the furthest point south in the UK. Unfortunately we did not take any photos of this place but it is most certainly a site to visit, that being it'll take your breath away. 

Looking over to Newquay town

The last full day in Cornwall was spent in the area of Tintagel and Bostcastle. Tintagel is known for the castle ruins on the cliff side which is a very popular tourist attraction. A couple of years ago we went to the castle ruins and did it again this year and the views are still amazing. Even if you have vertigo it is worth facing your fear (trust me). Then we visited Bostcastle which is unfortunately known for the flooding several years ago. The little village is mostly for the eye as there is little entertainment. Particularly if you wander down to the harbour there are wonderful views.

View from Tintagel Castle

Unfortunately we could only stay in Cornwall for the four days and had to return back on the Sunday. Nonetheless it was worth all the travelling around and it is probably going to be the place our family will always go on holiday to. 

Peace out!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Ales in Dorset

As previously mentioned I went on holiday to Weymouth not too long ago. Whilst in Weymouth we visited the various supermarkets and purchased quite a few different ales. I never usually drink ale, more of a lager person and ales are something that as a family we indulge in. Who doesn't love a good beer or four on holiday?! (we're not alcoholics I swear). So I thought I'd share a few of the several we came across, I know these aren't Dorset specific as I have seen a few in supermarkets near me. But enjoy!

Ale #1: 'Juarassic' - I've mentioned before I'm quite obsessed with this era so of course as soon as this was spotted we had to get it. It was lovely nonetheless.

Ale #2: 'Exmoor Beast' - This one was quite a strong ale in both flavour and percentage. It had quite a kick to it which definitely lives up to it's name!

Ale #3: 'Fursty Ferret' - I love the name this has and no the ale is not made from ferrets...

These next two (and another I do not have a photo of) were drank in our destination after Dorset. 

Ale #4: 'Barn Owl' - I absolutely love owls, I have always loved them from a young age where I would confuse the names up and somehow still manage to. This ale was very nice to drink anyhow, no nasty business here. 

Ale #5: 'Forty Niner' - This one did no hold as much quality as the others. However, saying that, this is the one that I have seen around in other supermarkets out of Dorset. 

Ale #6: 'The mystery ale' (that no camera could capture) - this ale was absolutely disgusting, it had the worst taste and an even worse after taste which we all agreed on. This ale was not particularly kind to my father who had an unpleasant experience in his head whilst drinking where he thought the floor was falling. In hindsight it was extremely amusing, however. Unfortunately, due to the lack of images and memory of the name, I am unable to warn you away from this drink. I am unable to give any advice to stay away from the evil looking ones because they're probably the nicest. But do take caution if you are choosing ones to drink and all the best of luck!

Peace out!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Family Holiday

For the past few years my father, siblings and I go on a camping holiday down south to Cornwall, nothing too fancy but we enjoy it. This year my dad wanted to go somewhere different so he decided Weymouth. We knew it would be different, perhaps in a good way, because we didn't know any of the places around Dorset. I was quite excited because of the 'Jurassic Coast' line around Weymouth and its surroundings because I'm quite into all that prehistoric jazz. So, we set off on the Sunday and immediately the signs were showing, even the Sat-Nav took us to the borders of East Devon (there is an alternate route to Weymouth but we went the long way around). Not to mention the horrendous rain we encountered! Eventually we arrived, the camp-site didn't look to bad and we were pitched up and unpacked. Dinner all sorted and it was time to explore Weymouth! With the rain cleaning up a little we headed into the town and had a little wander. Of course there were amusements, which my little brother thoroughly enjoyed. Followed by more of a wander and then some food. 

The second day there we thought to explore the Jurassic Coast, as previously mentioned I was initially excited. We went to a place called Durdle Door, followed by a visit to Lulworth Cove. The town in Lulworth was pretty nice, however, the rest of it didn't live up to expectations. 
Durdle Door


Lulworth Cove

 The next day was spent driving around for goodness knows how long trying to find somewhere to explore. We ended up on a beach where people were smashing up rocks to find fossils due to previous discoveries of fossils on that beach (pretty much just a way to make money by renting out chisels). I did, however, smash a few (or at least attempt to!) and get some really beautiful gemstone rocks. After roughly an hour we decided to head back to the camp-site stopping off at Dorchester for some supplies. Upon returning to the car, both my brothers handed a note with a phone number on it. The number was for the camp-site we have stayed at previously for a couple of years (yes, that camp-site was in Cornwall!). So a quick phone call later it was official we were heading off to Cornwall! A quick swim, trip to Portland and a few beers later it was an early night ready to leave in the early hours.
Admittedly, this was probably the best decision made that week. We were up and off by 06.30 A.M. reaching the camp-site by midday with the rest of the week to explore and enjoy the beauty of Cornwall. Unfortunately, Weymouth and it's surroundings were not quite our cup of tea. Even though people we know have said it were to be a really nice place it just wasn't right for us. 

Peace out!