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Post University depression and stress.

Hey guys,
Today I would like to touch on an issue that is so often forgotten about. That is the mental health of students who have completed their degree. Now, you would think that the health of these ex-students would improve now that they have less stress from assignments, exams and their dissertation. You would also think that because they are moving back home (for the majority) that they would be feeling great to be around family and friends again.
However, this often isn't the case for ex-students. Don't get me wrong I know that quite a few students end up staying in their uni town due to jobs, liking of the location and partners or friend they have chosen to live with. Even so for these individuals they might not be as relieved or as happy as they appear.
Unfortunately, with some ex-students they are often exposed to stressors which lead to the development of stress and depression. Whilst I was at University I found that myself and other people I knew were anxious and e…