Sunday, 24 August 2014

Focus on your future

"Never give up what you want most for what you want today" - Neal A Maxwell. 

Over the past few months, this quote has become my guidance to getting my goals and personal achievements. Ever made a list of things you wish to achieve? For example new years resolutions, but then think oh I'll start this tomorrow, or next week. Or you simply begin for a few weeks and then feel as though you cannot carry on towards the success of your goals? 

Today, I'd like to talk about motivation and continuing towards success. There can be days where you simply want to give up what you've started. Whether this is because you feel it is not working, or because you're feeling under the weather, if you really want to achieve something let the vision of success be your willpower and motivation. 

When I feel I'm lacking in motivation, the first thing I do is think "why exactly am I doing this", I look at the reason I began this process to begin with. However, it is not always helpful as my emotions and physical state can block the vision of the goal and instead make me want to watch some television or a film, for example. Simply procrastinate getting to my goal because of a lazy day. 

If the image of the goal does not motivate you completely, make yourself a reward for when you accomplish the goal. Make sure it's something that you really want (however, you should want it more than your goal because the goal is something you aspire for). 

If neither of the above help at all, try and break down the actions into steps that progress a little bit further each day. However, if there is a deadline approaching rapidly remember to make the progress bigger chunks, thus steadily working towards your goal.

I'd like to end by some short but motivational words, 

Work hard today, for a better tomorrow. 

Peace out guys & gals!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

London Day Trip

Last Thursday my amazing friend invited me to go to London with her for the day, well considering I'd never been to London beforehand I couldn't refuse the offer! (It was also cheaper than I thought to get there as well which was a brilliant bonus). This has been a must on my to do list for a while now because I've been so intrigued from what the hype was all about. However, I'm not really much of a city girl and much prefer the rural areas. Thus London was not, in my personal view, as interesting or fascinating as I'd expected from what I've heard from other people (might have been slightly better on a sunny day though!). Although when we arrived at Camden I thought it was absolutely brilliant! Loved all the stalls in the market because they had such cool stuff in there like quirky kitchen cards and paintings etc. Also had a market section where I purchased an awesome tee-shirt that reads 'Lord of the Cats The Furrlowship of the Ring'. I also thought the canal area was really pretty with the pubs on either side looked really quaint. 

London, I will more than likely visit you again in the future, however, for now you're far too busy and really not my style!

Camden Lock

Peace out!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

5 Simple Tips for Weight Loss

At the start of my weight loss journey I had no idea how to begin and what was good/ bad to do in order to lose weight. Over the course of the past few weeks I have picked up tips and advice from several people and found the best ways that have helped me. So for anyone who is struggling here are FIVE simple tips to get that will help to shed those pounds!

1) WATER! If you are not a fan of water right now I can guarantee it will be your best friend in about a weeks time. Water is so important for the body, it is recommended that an individual should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. You're thinking it is impossible to do this yeah? Well it's actually quite easy and will get easier and before you know it you'll be drinking 16 cups of water a day instead of 8! This is vital for dieting because water helps the metabolic process and helps to keep the body hydrated. It is important to drink water before and during each meal as this helps to speed up the bodies metabolism, however, don't drink so much after a meal as this can often cause indigestion.

2) EAT MORE. Eat more? Surely that will make you put on more weight right? No. It is important when dieting that you do not starve your body because it will go into survival mode and produce more fat to help you carry on throughout the day. How do you do this then? Simply eat throughout the day between 5 or 6 meals (obviously smaller portions), for example, cut your meals in half and eat the second half two hours after you ate the first part. This way you will not get hungry throughout the day but you're also taking in the required amount of calories you want/need. Not only is this good for the metabolism as your body is constantly having to digest food, but it also allows a regular intake of certain vitamins your body requires because it is replacing the vitamins that have been passed out of the body through urination.

3) EXERCISE. Exercise is important for burning fat to get to the desired body weight goal. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to sign up for a gym and go there every other day. There are easier and cheaper ways to exercise, for example a morning jog/run is brilliant and a great kick start to the day and with the cool wind blowing in your face there is nothing better! If you have a dog, go take it for a run while you walk briskly or even run along with it. If you can cycle then take a bike ride for an hour or so because cycling is brilliant to develop the leg muscles. On top of this you can make your home a gym, simply do press ups/sit ups anywhere and there are so many workout videos on YouTube! Trust me, you save money this way and it works. I'm nearly at my weight loss goal and I've only been doing all of this, not been to a gym once!

4) BIN THE BURGERS. Take a step back and look at what you eat on a weekly basis, then decided how much of this stuff would actually make you gain weight rather than help your body in the process. It is easy to look and see what you are eating that is bad for you, especially if half of your diet consists of McDonalds or pizza. The easiest way to change this will be to make your own food, know what you're eating. Get rid of all the fatty foods and sugary foods and stick to natural products rather than processed. Even with just doing this you'll see the difference within a week, you'll feel much more alive, be able to sleep better, have better skin, and the most important improvement is you'll feel happy.

5) MOTIVATION. Admittedly it is difficult to begin a weight loss journey and you can often think 'why am I bothering with this, I won't achieve anything'. The most important thing to help you get to your goal is motivation! Tell your close family/friends that you want to do this and either get them involved or get them to help you be motivated. Whether it's going for a run with you or them encouraging you to get out of bed today and get some of those YouTube workouts completed. Also try some sort of rewarding system (that isn't food) to help you aim for your goal, for example, have a dress that you want to fit into and look great in within a certain deadline. Come on if you love the dress there'res bound to be one heck of a lot of motivation to fit into it. Make this a hobby and not a chore, if you love doing exercise and being healthy you're bound to have the process easier than if you were to hate every moment of it.

I hope some of these helped you as a simple kick-start guide, I would love to hear feedback if there is more I could know to help with my weight loss, that would be brilliant!

Peace out!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Naked Juice Smoothie Review

I've heard of these Naked smoothies a few times before but never actually tried it, until yesterday. I went for the one that was called the 'Green Machine', this flavour of apple, pineapple, and kiwi filled out with many other fruits and vegetables. However, the Naked Juice smoothies are supposed to help towards you looking good naked but there is a lot of sugar in the bottle from all the fruit it contains. If you did not already know, sugar also turns into fat in your body when not used through exercise so it is important to lower sugar levels as well as fat levels! The drink it's self was very, very nice, although i'll admit I could only drink half within one sitting as it was very filling but I could also feel the amount of sugar. Overall I will most certainly purchase more of these because I can't wait to try the different flavours, but only as a kick start for helping towards a workout. Definitely not purchasing on a daily basis due to the excessive price I paid for it yesterday. However, I would recommend this to anyone who is contemplating to try it out. It is good for bursts of energy and very tasty! 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Mountain Walking

At the Summit

Yesterday I made a second attempt at walking up Cadair Idris, a mountain in Wales in which it's summit is 2,927 feet (892m). Earlier this year around about Easter time my dad decided to take me to attempt it, however, it was unsuccessful as we only made it about a quarter of the way to the top. Now I am pleased to say that yesterday we made it and it was such a great feeling. Knowing I am so much fitter than I was a couple of months ago makes me really happy for one thing, but being able to see Snowdonia National Park from the summit of Cadair Idris was amazing. The views were so beautiful looking across at Barmouth, Tywyn and even being able to see Mount Snowdon in the distance. I've walked up Mount Snowdon several times before, and considering Cadair Idris is a shorter mountain it is one hell of a lot more difficult than Snowdon, but absolutely fantastic nonetheless. Although I admit I walked up quickly, but fell down even faster! 

Enjoy and peace out!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

New Look Sale

 The other day I was invited to go out in town on a student night with my friends as I'd said I would go with them at least once before I left to go to University. However, I did not have an outfit as such that I felt either comfortable in or that I would be able to fit into. I'm currently through my weight loss journey therefore I have not been out in town for a while nor drinking, so as you can imagine I felt rather self conscious when trying to find suitable clothing. Then my friend Jess found this gorgeous checkered black and white top which was so comfortable to wear with an inbuilt bra support which is great for not having to try to hide bra straps! Not to mention it was only £6! I then came across a black skater skirt (which I have been looking for one for 5 months or so) which was also £6! I love the skater skirt because now I can use it with so many tops I have and be able to use most of my wardrobe again! Whole new outfit sorted with £12 out the bank (brilliant!) and I'm rather happy for the choice made as I loved wearing this out the other day!

Peace out!

Monday, 4 August 2014

H&M Nail Polish Review

Ever get that feeling where you want to feel girly for a day but just can't afford to go all out on all sorts of make up? I'm not a make up kinda girl and like to go au natural on my face but sometimes i just feel like it's not enough. So i have this set of nail polish (pink and glittery of course) which I bought for £2.99 from H&M not so long ago. I much prefer using the glitter colour because it looks so dainty and I feel the dark pink paint is rather bold. Also i'm bad at painting nails so it is much better with the glittery paint because it doesn't look as messy! I did try one hand with the dark pink paint but I didn't particularly like it as much as the glittery one which I love. The paint is also great quality for the price as it stayed on for quite a while (which is always great). Would definitely recommend if you are looking for an expensive nail paint!

Peace out!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Weight loss update

It has been two weeks since I began my weight loss journey and so far so good! I have been increasing my general activity, whether that is going running, cycling or even just walking to town. My diet has also improved significantly as I have a low fat diet and eat plenty of greens and drinking plenty of water. During these two weeks I have looked back at what I used to eat and drink and pinpointed the specific items that led me to gain weight and majority of this was due to not being able to cook and being hungover (pasties and alcohol are bad). Thus I have steered clear from excessive drinking and fatty foods such as pizza, pasties and chips. Also sugary foods such as cake and doughnuts I tend to stay away from, mainly because I don't really see the appeal towards them but it is also beneficial towards my health. I feel that being vegetarian helps towards my weight loss as the Quorn products I buy are extremely low in fat compared to other meat products, however, saying this I still tend to go towards the chicken style meat free products as the sausages are higher in fat.
When beginning my dieting I thought it would be difficult and that cravings would appear at every moment. However, the other day when at the zoo I had no other choice to eat chips and I can honestly say I have never felt so disgusting after eating the oil smothered chips. When not two months ago I would fall at the sight of chips and indulge in their greasiness and now it is the complete opposite! I have never felt so pleased with my self and I'm beginning to see the improvement in my fitness as well as the decrease in numbers on the scales!

Don't ever feel like you cannot achieve what you want because if you put your mind to it you will succeed!


Happy Friday everyone!

Peace out!