Sunday, 13 August 2017

Colour Freedom: A review.

Hey guys, 

How you all doing today? For those of you who have seen some of my Instagram posts you will probably know that I can't hold the same colour hair for more than a month or so.I often go for Live Colour XXL and usually that works out alright but they didn't have the colour I wanted to go for the last few occasions. I went to dye my hair for Download and I used Crazy Colour which turned out awful on one side for the pink and then relatively OK on the other side for the turquoise. This time I wanted to try something different because my hair was looking dire and I couldn't quite decide what to go for. I have heard mixed reviews on different opinions on different hair dye and which one was the best to go for, which makes it so hard to decide!

Anyway, my friend told us about the hair dye she uses and it looked as though it actually worked for her hair and her boyfriends hair. All we knew at the time when trying to find the hair dye in super drug was that it was 2 for £9, so Kee got some for the both of us to try out (because he is the best). So we found the Colour Freedom collection by Knight & Wilson and took this home to try.

So let's talk about the hair dye Kee went for first. This was the Tropical Aqua colour which looks like a lovely colour to go for. In the box there was a tube of already mixed hair dye which made it easier for application, rather than the usual hassle of adding different tubes into one bottle.

Kee only really needed to use one quarter of the bottle as his hair is really short. Here is what his hair looked like before the application and then a picture of after application.


As you can see this worked out rather well on his hair and there was still plenty left for further application.

I chose to go for something different this time and go for an orange ish colour, Coral Blush. I thought it looked like a nice colour to go for and my hair needed desperately sorting out.

I needed to use more hair dye than Kee because of the length of my hair so there wasn't much left in the bottle after the first application. I also went over my hair a few days later and used the rest of the bottle for the second application. Here is what my hair colour was like before and after the second application.

As you can see,this didn't quite turn out as good as Kee's did, which was rather disappointing. So see now I have some mixed opinions on this hair dye brand from the different outcomes.

I think it would be a good brand to go for but avoid using it for the Coral Blush. It was a good deal to go for so not too much money wasted, but I think next time I will stick to the usual Live Colour XXL.

The turnout
What hair dye do you guys go for and what would you recommend is the best one to use? Feel free to leave comments in the section below and have a great day!

Peace out!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Rocket League

Hey guys, 

I would like to talk about a game today and that game is Rocket League. So, my friends had been talking about this game for a while and how good they were at it and how we should get the game ourselves. I was a bit hesitant on what this game actually was about and whether it was any good. See usually the games these guys play isn't really up my alley as such. But then my fiance decided to get it and it looked really fun so he got it for me as well, how kind. 

The basis of the game is you play football (mostly), basket ball, ice hockey against other players. Twist, you play these games as vehicles (which you can customise to your perfect vehicle). That's right you can play sports as cars against other cars. Now I'm not usually one for sporting games in reality let alone on Xbox, but this game had a different vibe where it is more entertaining.

OK. So besides being able to play sports as vehicles, there is also a booster you can occasionally use to increase the speed you can drive at. This only usually lasts around seconds before it's back to normal speed *sigh*, but this isn't the only way. This leads me to the custom games you can make on this game where you can choose any sort of arena and you can choose to have the speed boost on constantly, yes that is exactly what I do in this. I mean, who wouldn't do this when you can basically fly across the court. It makes it incredibly difficult to play the game properly but it is super fun. 

I know you're all having a whale of a time just reading about these cool features this game has. You're probably sat there super eager to get the game and enjoy the experience, but the fun does not end here, I'll tell you that for sure. Every 10 seconds or so you get to enjoy a little super feature that helps you either get to the ball or absolutely destroy the other players. This could be anything from making another car go at an uncontrolled accelerated rate to gaining spikes to either pick up the ball or take down another player.

Whilst these features can be used in a normal match, they can't be used to their full capacity like they can in the private matches. The only real downside to this is that you need to have someone join your party or join someones party to play, you cannot create the match to play on your own. This probably makes me sound like a proper saddo right now, honestly I do have a life, I just like to custom the game to full speed and can only do this when Kee will accept. I mean, there is the freeplay training you can do which allows you to go full speed boost, but it's not a match. 

So anyway, it is a really good game and even better when you need to let off some steam by just driving round on full speed. It was quite cheap to purchase as well so I hope I have helped some of you gamers (or non gamers) find something that you can try out, it is definitely at least worth trying. 

Do any of guys like Rocket League at all? Also what sort of games do you like to play? Feel free to leave comments below. 

Peace out! 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Download Festival

Hey guys,

How are you all doing on this 'lovely' morning? For those of you who follow my Twitter and Instagram you will know that at the beginning of June I went to my first ever festival. That's right, I finally made it to Download festival and oh boy what a time I had.

I first found out I was going to be going in December last year as my fiance had bought tickets for a Christmas present. He bought the tickets for the 5 night camping so we could enjoy the whole experience. 

First things first (besides screaming in joy) was to get time off work and get everything we needed to take along with us. When I say first things first you would have thought we did this immediately, but that was not the case. We were still shopping for supplies and packing the day before we were leaving to go! Not very organised when it comes to situations like these... But don't worry, we had some of the booze ready a few days earlier!

So Day 1; getting there - What a journey. The journey consisted of one taxi, two trains, one bus, a long wait in line of a very short distance followed by what seemed like forever to get to the campsite to pitch. Now this doesn't seem so bad but imagine doing this carrying your own body weight in a rucksack, a tent, chairs and a trolley. The worst part of it was queuing for over an hour and a half in a short distance with that bag on my back, I ended up having to take it off and drag it 5 paces every 20 minutes. But my goodness the rest of the week made this journey so worth it, even with the back and shoulder ache!

It was exhausting and when we managed to find somewhere to pitch the tents the wind really didn't help at all. Also when we pitched the tent we purchased from Halfords it was an absolute disaster. They only went and sent us a tent without any pegs so we had to go and buy some pegs, which was an absolute nightmare. We managed to sort everything out by around 3pm so all in all in took us around 6 hours to get there and pitched up.

Finally pitched and there.

On the Thursday we met up with our friend Vicky and consumed some of the alcohol we carried with us and enjoyed going round the village and going on some of the rides.

The following few days consisted of playing some games, drinking and enjoying time in the sun. Then going into the arena later on in the day and listening to some awesome bands.

On the Friday I was super overwhelmed with the whole set of the festival, it was so huge and there was so much going on so I spent most of this day in awe. Decided to get a pint whilst in the arena as well, do not recommend unless you have a lot money! This day we saw (not in order) Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Five Finger Death Punch and headlining we saw System of a Down (these were just a few that I can remember) - so awesome though. We were aiming to go and see Motionless in White but sadly got there just after they finished the set list (Kee got the times wrong, sheesh). Such a good day though but super tiring - as expected!

Then comes the second day of being able to watch the bands - this was probably my favourite day of the week. We spent most of this day playing stupid drinking games and again enjoying the sun. Also decided to get some face paint which was the BEST idea but also turned out to be the worst idea for poor Vicky who had a bad reaction to it (sadly no photos). But this happened the day after so it seemed like a great idea at the time! Then this day we saw A Day to Remember, which was followed by Kee and Vicky absolutely terrifying themselves with going on one of the rides. Then we went to go and see Alestorm! I have no words on how awesome this was and how much fun everyone was having singing along to these. Then we saw the headliners Biffy Clyro - who were awesome. After listening to these for so long it was surreal seeing them perform live. 

So, the next day was quite something (that hangover, I mean, WOW....). It was a mix between wanting to eat everything whilst trying not to be sick but again, drinking. My poor body. Vicky did have a bit of a problem at this point regarding her poor little face. I won't go into much detail but glitter, sun and Vicky do not mix. Good job she had sunglasses, even if it was raining....

So anyway, we returned to the routine we had been religiously practicing for the past few days. Then later on in the day we returned to the arena to listen to some bands. This day we went to watch Steel Panther.... my goodness what a show. I think I've only ever listened to one of their songs before but listening to them and seeing them perform live it was amazing. Some of their songs, I mean, it's probably an acquired taste but definitely worth giving a try. Best part was when they got all the girls on stage, by far.

 Then to finish the end of the festival.... Aerosmith! I don't know whether it was the hangover, lack of sleep, tired legs or just the song but my eyes got emotional during 'I don't want to miss a thing' (the song still makes me weep now). What an awesome show and way to end the festival.

Sadly the next day was packing and travelling home.... But my, my what an experience. Shout out to my fiance for the best Christmas present ever! Anyone who likes this sort of weekend, I would definitely recommend you go to Download, you won't be disappointed. 

Until next year, Download!

Peace out!