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Colour Freedom: A review.

Hey guys, 
How you all doing today? For those of you who have seen some of my Instagram posts you will probably know that I can't hold the same colour hair for more than a month or so.I often go for Live Colour XXL and usually that works out alright but they didn't have the colour I wanted to go for the last few occasions. I went to dye my hair for Download and I used Crazy Colour which turned out awful on one side for the pink and then relatively OK on the other side for the turquoise. This time I wanted to try something different because my hair was looking dire and I couldn't quite decide what to go for. I have heard mixed reviews on different opinions on different hair dye and which one was the best to go for, which makes it so hard to decide!
Anyway, my friend told us about the hair dye she uses and it looked as though it actually worked for her hair and her boyfriends hair. All we knew at the time when trying to find the hair dye in super drug was that it was 2 for …

Rocket League

Hey guys, 
I would like to talk about a game today and that game is Rocket League. So, my friends had been talking about this game for a while and how good they were at it and how we should get the game ourselves. I was a bit hesitant on what this game actually was about and whether it was any good. See usually the games these guys play isn't really up my alley as such. But then my fiance decided to get it and it looked really fun so he got it for me as well, how kind. 
The basis of the game is you play football (mostly), basket ball, ice hockey against other players. Twist, you play these games as vehicles (which you can customise to your perfect vehicle). That's right you can play sports as cars against other cars. Now I'm not usually one for sporting games in reality let alone on Xbox, but this game had a different vibe where it is more entertaining.

OK. So besides being able to play sports as vehicles, there is also a booster you can occasionally use to increase the s…

Download Festival

Hey guys,
How are you all doing on this 'lovely' morning? For those of you who follow my Twitter and Instagram you will know that at the beginning of June I went to my first ever festival. That's right, I finally made it to Download festival and oh boy what a time I had.
I first found out I was going to be going in December last year as my fiance had bought tickets for a Christmas present. He bought the tickets for the 5 night camping so we could enjoy the whole experience. 
First things first (besides screaming in joy) was to get time off work and get everything we needed to take along with us. When I say first things first you would have thought we did this immediately, but that was not the case. We were still shopping for supplies and packing the day before we were leaving to go! Not very organised when it comes to situations like these... But don't worry, we had some of the booze ready a few days earlier!
So Day 1; getting there - What a journey. The journey consi…