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Weekend away

Last Friday I thought it may be a good idea to go back home for a weekend to visit my family and friends, even though the train journey was tedious it was worth it. Spent the Friday travelling back to Stafford and had a lovely few drinks with my friends that I haven't seen for ages!!!! On the Saturday I ended up going to watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie with my brother and sister, so good! And in the afternoon spent with the mother and my sisters cute little puggle! But then on the Sunday my dad decided it would be a great idea for a day trip, so guess where we ended up going as per usual? That's right, WALES! This time we only spent half the day in Barmouth with a little wonder around the town and down across the train tracks (usually going across these with my mum my sister and I make the noise of the barrier just because and it is rather amusing). Then we travelled down to Porthmaddog, and my goodness the harbour there is beautiful. I only ever remember going in…

Walk out of darkness

I'd like to just take a moment of your time to explain what I did on Saturday 11th October. As some of you may be aware, the 10th of October was World Mental Health day which aims to raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental health stigma. Many people who suffer from mental health are often ignored or rejected because the symptoms are not physical and thus suffer in silence. On the 11th October the first ever UK 'walk out of darkness' was held in London by CLASP (Counselling, Life Advice and Suicide Prevention) charity. Before the walk began they had guest speakers and speakers who were part of the charity. These people had such motivational and inspiring speeches and their stories where incredible. The walk was 10 miles going across and around the Thames path and it's surroundings. Myself and my friend joined up with our Uni and walked the 10 miles to support the cause and to raise some money for CLASP charity. Even though by the end of the day I could not fee…

Wehey its Wednesday

So I'm back at Uni now and into my second week of lectures attempting to get used to this new routine. I have Wednesdays free of lectures so I decided I would attempt to make something of each Wednesday so today myself and my lovely boyfriend decided to go walking in Malvern on the hills. Such a good decision to go but I tell you what my legs killed after that! It's been a while since I've been hill walking because I now live in a city over the University days and sadly there are no good hill walking places like there are back home. I've never been walking around the Malvern hills before and it was really nice, not quite my usual style of views of lakes and mountains but it was close enough to that surrounding. 

So now I will leave you to enjoy the snaps of my lovely few hours.

Peace out guys!