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Mountain Madness Pt Two

So, recently, we decided to go to the Glyderau range yet again. This time, however, we attempted Y Garn. This involved going up Devil's Kitchen and instead of turning left to Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach we turned right past the lake. This trip was interesting. We knew what to expect after the last time, however, we didn't expect to be walking through clouds. I say interesting, but it was most certainly quite an experience to have been through, one I am very glad to have been through.

So after the initial struggle up through Devil's Kitchen, we noticed we couldn't quite see the peak where we were headed to. Not because it was so far away, but because it was covered in clouds. Not entirely sure why this came as such a surprise due to our view at the beginning being just clouds with some land trying to break through. Walking up Y Garn entailed two footpaths, one which was in the middle of the incline and the other which was right on the edge. Guess which one we chose.... …

Live XXL Hair Dye

I previously decided I wanted to dye half my hair purple and it didn't quite work out as it turned red. So for some strange reason I decided to go all out and do a whole head make over. Apologies in advance for face spam. I'm naturally a brunette so it took two attempts at bleaching my hair before I could do anything with it. (Well half ginger half blonde....) The bottom half of my hair will have to be excused as it was previously red so it made it difficult to be the desired colour.

 My hope was to dye it purple, but it initially didn't quite work out as intended. I used the Purple Punk Ultra Bright semi-permanent hair dye which took four bottles because of the length of my hair. Whilst the dye didn't quite work until the fourth attempt I am still quite pleased with the results and would 10/10 recommend using the product. So far I have had this on for four weeks and recently topped up on the colour due to fading of the fringe. It was on this fourth attempt that it fin…

Mountain Madness Pt One

Every year for the past 5 years my father and myself with my brother recently have been walking up hills in Snowdonia. This year it was the Glyderau range. In April we made an attempt up through Devil's Kitchen, to Glyder Fawr then across to Glyder Fach, then across up to the Cantilever. (So many names!)

We started out with absolutely no idea what we were about to put ourselves through. Bad idea. To begin with it is a nice gentle walk up to the lake from Idwal Cottage. Then there is a gradual incline as you progress further around the lake, to which point it is unclear where the pathway is. The pathway is up. Yes, there are several points where we had to climb, which was particularly difficult for short people (me).

Eventually we got up to the lake at the top of Devil's Kitchen, thinking there's not too far to go now, surely that was the worst part. But no, we turned left and saw what was to our journey ahead. It was scree. Lots of it. At a lovely angle where if you were t…