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Turn that frown upside down

Today I'd thought I would share with y'all a few things I do when I'm feeling low, especially in stressful times attempting to sort life out and complete assignments.

1) CATS. I love cats (You'll be able to tell from the following photos). Living away from home means I don't get to see my cats when I want, so I look at photos or videos that I have taken of my deranged cats, in particular Bellatrix the disturbed kitten. I will also search on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram for cute/funny cat videos. After all there are so many videos out there it's hard not to stumble across them on social media!

2) PEOPLE. It is important to talk to people and not to isolate yourself. I often find myself spending hours by myself and then realise I haven't had any social interaction for that day and that can impact my mood quite a bit. So, I then try and find someone to talk to and hope there is someone around.

3) WALKING. I've been researching stress and coping st…

Studying at University: maintaining a healthy wellbeing.

How to maintain a healthy wellbeing whilst completing assignments at University. Most of you who have been to University may study courses that require a lot of reading of journal articles and books etc. Whether these are simply extras to extend knowledge or specifically for assignments, quite often you will find yourself spending a lot of time on computers/laptops.

To make sure that you can get the best out of studying whilst on the computer make sure to take regular breaks away from the computer evry couple of hours or so. Make sure to not be too close to the computer and have the screen brightness turned down. Just remember that it is important to not overdo the work  and work yourself too much.
Just a friendly reminder to keep yourself safe and healthy when doing University work. Remember to take regular breaks and enjoy the time while you can.

Peace out!

Gretna Green: The village of runaway lovers.

What originally planned to be a mid October holiday turned into a very successful wedding.When I first found out my mum was getting married I was quite shocked, but happy for her. After going through my parents being divorced I never really thought that either one would be married again. However, this appears to be what makes my mum happy so I am happy for that. Then it also dawned on me I would have a step father, never did I think that was going to happen but it has and does not really feel much different to be honest. Anyway, to the wedding. A mildly spontaneous idea planned two months in advance in a place 176 miles away from my home town, with several diversions on the way. Gretna Green is just on the borders of the South end of Scotland and not too far away from Cumbria (which is where some of my mum's family live). I thank fully travelled back to my home town the day before which cut out some 70 odd extra miles. 6 A.M start up to Cumbria to visit relatives throughout the wh…