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'Say you scrub me' gentle skin buffer

Doing something a bit different today, never really done a product review before so here it goes!

This product 'Say you scrub me' is a gentle skin buffer and it is beautiful. When I first opened it I was expecting some sort of cream/shower gel type but I was amazed as to what was in there. It is like jelly! But jelly that you can rub all over yourself to feel beautiful. The texture of this product is basically jelly and simply divine. 

At first use of the skin buffer my skin did feel extremely rubbery while I was showering. However, once all dry and ready to put clothes on my skin felt really smooth. The second use of the product did not leave my skin feeling so rubbery while showering which I imagine is a good thing.
Overall the pure fact that it feels like jelly was one of the main reasons I had to share this product with the world. I felt like a 7 year old again with all the excitement it caused. 10/10 recommend this product if you ever see it. 
Peace out!

The Little Things

This post may be slightly strange and particularly cringe worthy in some aspects. So get ready to be thinking 'this girl is so soppy it makes me want to pray for her emotional state'. But anyway, over the past week I have done various activities, including getting ready for the second semester of university (which is pretty intense for the record). Which in turn has led to quite intense reading and acknowledgement of new information, and it is rather exhausting for the brain (especially when you only have a little one like myself). Now for the soppy part, so I'm not much of a social talker, talking to people is something I tend to avoid because I hate the idea of trying to make pointless conversation. But over the past week I have had splendid conversations with various people, and it was lovely. You know when you're feeling kind of 'meh' some days but can't curl up because you're out and about, where basically you seem like a miserable sod. But then so…

January Junctures

Now that the first month of this year is over with it is time to reflect upon the success and failures of this month in relation to New Year's resolutions. All in all I'd say this month has been successful and a great start to 2015.

First off I have been exercising my ass off when I can and it is such a beautiful feeling and I've never felt so good about myself. As noted in my previous post, I joined a gym at the beginning of January. During each attendance to the gym I do think to myself why on earth am I paying to be in pain, but then as the saying goes 'no pain, no gain'. I find going to the gym is also extremely useful in terms of stress relief, for example the night before my presentation I went to the gym and burned off a lot of steam and didn't feel so stressed out afterwards.

Secondly, I have started eating healthier towards the latter part of the month. My eating habits have previously been tragic in terms of health, mainly due to constantly revising s…

An unexpected occurance

Okay so last week I did something I never though I'd ever do.... I joined a gym. For those of you who do not know me, I have always opposed the idea of going to a gym. I must say it was both frightening and exciting at the same time.

I never really saw the point in a gym, I preferred the idea of home workouts with my 4 kg dumbbells from amazon and running in the summer. Then over Christmas I realised how bad I was becoming with keeping on track with exercising, so my one of my new year resolutions was to join a gym. I'll admit it is so much easier to get on top of exercising and so much more motivational. It did look rather daunting when I was joining (I'd never been in a gym before!) but my friend showed me 'the ropes' as she put it. Now I'm getting used to all the different equipments etc and loving it. Something I'd never thought I'd do and always opposing, I actually really enjoy it. The aftermath especially is my favourite part, knowing that I have…