Walk out of darkness

I'd like to just take a moment of your time to explain what I did on Saturday 11th October. As some of you may be aware, the 10th of October was World Mental Health day which aims to raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental health stigma. Many people who suffer from mental health are often ignored or rejected because the symptoms are not physical and thus suffer in silence. On the 11th October the first ever UK 'walk out of darkness' was held in London by CLASP (Counselling, Life Advice and Suicide Prevention) charity. Before the walk began they had guest speakers and speakers who were part of the charity. These people had such motivational and inspiring speeches and their stories where incredible. The walk was 10 miles going across and around the Thames path and it's surroundings. Myself and my friend joined up with our Uni and walked the 10 miles to support the cause and to raise some money for CLASP charity. Even though by the end of the day I could not feel my feet, it was one of the best days I've had and I'm so happy to have taken part in this walk to end stigma against mental health and to show that no one is ever alone.

Looking over Blackfriars Bridge 


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