Live XXL Hair Dye

I previously decided I wanted to dye half my hair purple and it didn't quite work out as it turned red. So for some strange reason I decided to go all out and do a whole head make over. Apologies in advance for face spam. I'm naturally a brunette so it took two attempts at bleaching my hair before I could do anything with it. (Well half ginger half blonde....) The bottom half of my hair will have to be excused as it was previously red so it made it difficult to be the desired colour.

Second attempt of bleaching

 My hope was to dye it purple, but it initially didn't quite work out as intended. I used the Purple Punk Ultra Bright semi-permanent hair dye which took four bottles because of the length of my hair. Whilst the dye didn't quite work until the fourth attempt I am still quite pleased with the results and would 10/10 recommend using the product. So far I have had this on for four weeks and recently topped up on the colour due to fading of the fringe. It was on this fourth attempt that it finally turned purple.

The fourth bottle of Live Colour XXL Ultra Bright Purple Punk
 Peace out!

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