Saturday, 17 December 2016

Beer for you at Beer52

Hey guys,

So it is that season for madness around town centres and all the shops are full of mad last minute shoppers. This is why I'm glad we have the internet, it saves all the hassle of busy places and you can even find some great bargains online that you wouldn't in store! Whilst doing a bit of Christmas shopping the other day I came across a great bargain, literally the online bargain booze. Beer52 are a company that send out bundles of joy, if you are into all the ales that is. I have recently had a look at one of these bundles and I an say I was above and beyond impressed. The box that arrived was even very decorative, and quite obvious as to what the company is. So if you are getting one of these boxes for your partner or a relative for Christmas, make sure they aren't in when you're expecting the delivery as it won't be much of a surprise!

I was so excited to receive this box as I had seen the quirkiness of the beer names and labels. So I had been at work for most of the day, it had been quite a long day, but when I came back I saw the box and my day went from miserable to awesome.First thing I did was open the box and see what wonders were inside, even Oryx the kitty was excited to see what was inside (probably even more eager than myself but he is weirdly obsessed with boxes). So we unpacked the box and beer by beer and I was so impressed. The artwork on the bottles was quite extraordinarily quirky and fun!

I mean, look at this.... Santa has had a bit too many. Not to mention the box included a Ferment magazine (which should usually be £4.99). The box is great value for what you get, and even better if you use my discount code, HOBBIT10, you can get £10 off when you sign up! This makes me feel all elf like helping you all out with a little discount, after all it is the season of giving.

So, the next step from looking at the outside was the tasting of the ales. Myself and the fiance sat down to enjoy a good ale or two. It was quite a bit of a shock to being with because we have both been drinking lager for a while and moved onto the ale, as you can imagine it was quite different to what we are used to. Personally, I usually only drink ale when I go camping in Cornwall in the summer once a year so it was quite strange drinking this around winter time. Although it did warm up the insides quite a bit.

If you do know anyone who loves ale this would be a perfect present for them to indulge in on Christmas Day. You can sign up to get this item monthly or you can buy it as  one off gift, perfect as a Christmas present! So whether you are looking for more gifts for Christmas or just something nice to treat yourself or family/friends once a month, have a browse on Beer52's website to see what they have to offer. Oh, and don't forget to use my unique discount code just to make this Christmas a little easier for you all!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I've got to say after writing this I quite fancy a pint now! Hope you enjoy and please do have a beer on me!

Peace out!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

24 Hours in Venice

 Hey guys, I'm taking a different approach today and I thought I'd share with you a place that I hope to visit at some point in the future. I love experiencing new places and different cultures, it is only recently that I have had my eyes opened to the amazement of a different country. As I have mentioned in my previous post, the last time I left the UK before this holiday was when I was 5. Now I have the excitement of wanting to experience the world, not just the UK. I thought I would tell you all about how I would spend 24 hours in a city that I have always wanted to travel to, Venice.

I would travel to Venice with my fiance and would want to see Venice with him by  my side. First off we would begin with an early start and a trip to Doge's Palace in Saint Marks Square. Doge's Palace, also known as Palazzo Ducale, holds the worlds greatest renaissance paintings. I would absolutely love to go to Doge's Palace and experience the culture of the city and what it was like at the time of the Renaissance.

We would then take a trip around on a Gondola, because it has got to be done especially if you are a couple, you've got to travel by Gondola. Obviously if I took a trip to Venice it wouldn't be complete without taking the scenic route around and travel by gondola.  I would be in awe at the beauty of the waterways around Venice it would be one of those moments not to forget and from pictures it can't be a sight to miss!

After a trip around the waterways of Venice we would take to the shops around the town itself and in particular the shops renowned for the local glass-work and the masquerade props. Following this we would then take a visit to a waterside bar and have some food and a drink looking over the waters of Venice in the evening. 

So there you have how I would spend 24 hours in Venice with my Fiance. How would you spend 24 hours in your favourite city? Comment below! I hope you enjoyed this!

Peace out!

All images taken from google, not my own.

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Hey guys! While it is so cold and miserable outside I thought I'd share with you a little trip I took in the summer! I say a little trip I took in summer, but for me it was a huge step due to it being my first ever holiday abroad! Yes, first holiday abroad, I haven't been since the age of 5 and lets face it who would remember travelling away in great detail 16 years on?! This holiday in summer was a trip to Menorca, which was thrown on my partner and I as an engagement present from his grandparents! Quite a surprise indeed! As I have mentioned previously, first holiday, which meant having to prepare for flying for the first time. The only few words I can describe how I felt when I found out I was going on a plane for the first time, very nervous! However, the holiday was so worth the anticipation of flying! Look at this view....

Beach view

We arrived at the airport in Menorca, in the city of Mahon (also the birthplace of mayonnaise YES BOYZ, a perfect match for the pair of us). After finding the coach transport to the hotel we arrived at Cala Blanca Sun Hotel which was a 4* all inclusive hotel. All inclusive hotel including all the beer and spirits on tap, oh and food of course!

Love on the Beach and Shrek

I was like a child on Christmas Day, the excitement I felt throughout the whole journey and waiting to see what another country looks like was unreal! The views from the plane on the slight on the way there were spectacular (we flew over the Alps and for someone who loves the view from the top of mountains it was amazing to see the top of some looking so small from above! 

View of the Alps

It was amazing arriving in a different country, with the heat being something I've never experienced before like that! The skies were lovely and blue and the sun shining down, it felt so surreal. Genuinely never expected to be in such a lovely place and it wasn't my usual trip to Wales... So as you can imagine, those feelings were quite strong and not ones to forget!

View from the roof of the hotel

Upon arrival we were amazed at the views, we went past the beach which was a two minute walk from the hotel, so close! Of course, after exploring the hotel, we headed down to the beach for the afternoon and watched the sun set. P.S. be prepared to be thankful if you live in a warm country but to absolutely hate being in say the icy, cold and dark UK, like myself! 

Gotta have the sea view selfie

Kee swagging it up


I hope you enjoyed those photos, I'll admit I'm feeling extremely nostalgic right now and would love to go back in the sun! The majority of the week was spent on the beach, in the hotel sunbathing by the pool and absolutely scoffing our faces (and I won't spill all the beans, but at least one of us couldn't fit into our trousers when we came back). The food in the hotel was absolutely amazing, even for myself as a vegetarian! Thankfully it took us until the last day to realise there was a snack bar in between the meal times, like I say if we had known sooner there would have been no chance for the trousers fitting! The Casa Blanca Sun Hotel was not only great for the all inclusive food and drink, but also for the staff running the hotel and the entertainment staff who held various amounts of entertainment including; karaoke, pub quizzes and bingo (which we nearly won but were defeated tragically at the tie break, which of course we ended up with an Ace, the lowest card possible). The hotel had a lovely, friendly atmosphere from the staff which made it even more of a pleasant stay!

Calorie central

It was so nice waking up every morning, being able to sit on a balcony in the sun with a nice cool breeze before breakfast, absolutely breathtaking. We made the most of each day with getting up early and enjoying the Balearic sun! Two of the seven days we went away we spent at the Ciutadella, the old capital of Menorca. This town was absolutely gorgeous, we spent the first day around the Cathedral and the harbour and the second walking around the centre where we managed to get stopped by a man cutting our silhouettes which was rather hilarious. The second day we were there the locals were celebrating the festival of Saint Joan and the streets were busy with everyone watching the raising of the flag to celebrate. 

An overall sum of the holiday; hot, relaxing, belly filling and amazing! I'm so grateful for Kee's grandparents allowing us the opportunity to go away to celebrate our engagement and enjoy time together away from home. Here are just a few more photos to sum up the rest of our time away, 

Hope y'all enjoyed this and feel free to share if you're going away somewhere nice sometime soon! 

Peace out!