Turn that frown upside down

Today I'd thought I would share with y'all a few things I do when I'm feeling low, especially in stressful times attempting to sort life out and complete assignments.

1) CATS. I love cats (You'll be able to tell from the following photos). Living away from home means I don't get to see my cats when I want, so I look at photos or videos that I have taken of my deranged cats, in particular Bellatrix the disturbed kitten. I will also search on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram for cute/funny cat videos. After all there are so many videos out there it's hard not to stumble across them on social media!





2) PEOPLE. It is important to talk to people and not to isolate yourself. I often find myself spending hours by myself and then realise I haven't had any social interaction for that day and that can impact my mood quite a bit. So, I then try and find someone to talk to and hope there is someone around.

Bro & pa

3) WALKING. I've been researching stress and coping styles for my research at university and found that even a 10 minute walk will help to reduce stress levels of the individual. Even if it isn't a mountain hike, the fresh air and physical activity help to clear the mind and walk off the stress temporarily.

4) DRAWING. This is a great distraction technique and a productive use of time. I find it helps me to relax and initiates positive energy,

Madness Returns


So there are some things I do to try and stay happy/positive through stressful times. I hope you enjoyed my vast amount of cat pictures. What do you do to keep a positive attitude?

Peace out!

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