Red Vape: Review.

For all you vapers out there I have a special something in store. I recently tried out some liquids from Red Vape and I was rather impressed. I think vaping allows an individual to explore and experience a variety of different flavours and different strengths of tobacco. I chose to try flavours 'Noble Mint' and 'Strawberry Fusion'. I was very impressed with the website as it is easy to navigate around and categorised well into sections. The liquids arrived within a few days of ordering them both, which of course is always a pleasing aspect to having new items! Upon arrival I was impressed with the packaging containing the liquid, the boxes were quite simple yet elegant.

Strawberry Fusion - Of course this one sounded exciting so I went for this one to begin with. Why would you not want to taste the strawberries? This one was lovely and worked well as a dominant flavour of strawberries mixed with a hint of vanilla. This one has got to be my favourite of the two flavours, and if you were looking at new flavours to try I recommended trying out this flavour. 

Strawberry Fusion

Noble Mint - So the next one I tried was the menthol liquid. I liked the way the flavour left a feeling of minty freshness in my mouth. However, I was slightly disappointed as the liquid was not as bold as I anticipated. There could be room for improvement on this flavour and make the 'mintyness' stronger. However, that could just be my personal opinion and those of you who have a strong sense of taste and smell may find this liquid quite right. 

Noble Mint

All in all I am impressed with the products at Red Vape and incredibly low prices starting at £5.99. Go ahead and check out their website and the vast variety of flavours to experience and I can assure you won't be disappointed. 

Peace out. 

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