Just under a year ago I was brought into the world of gaming and shown the light of playing Xbox One games. My fiance allowed me to see the light and enjoyment of playing games, well I say introduced me, but it was more so forced me to buy an Xbox one controller so we could play a game together.

A couple of months later Kee has managed to get me quite into playing games and learning all the skills and tricks of certain games. It then went from playing on Kee's Xbox down to persuasion of purchasing my own console. (Bearing in mind I haven't spent more than £100 on myself before this moment - so quite a shock with the price!). However, I can't complain because it was the best purchase I had made.

So today, I would like to talk about the reason why I bought an Xbox - as you might have guessed from the title - Destiny. Yes, that is right, the reason I bought a whole console was to play one game and that game being Destiny. As this is the first proper game I got into playing I thought I would share what I think of the game.

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To begin with, I was absolutely terrible at first person shooter games and even more so terrible at aiming. I absolutely hated not being able to see my character when in action and it felt uncomfortable to watch. However, slowly I learnt throughout the different levels of the game and improving each time.

Destiny is definitely a great game to begin with due to the slight increase in difficulty between levels and easy to navigate through the controls. I also like that even though there are set missions to go through each level, you can take a break from the story line and take patrols on different planets and practice aiming by killing the cretins that live on each different planet. Or you can take part in the crucible activities in the multiplayer and fight alongside other guardians to destroy those on the opposing team.

Goblin Down
The game also allows you to make small little achievements alongside each different mission. This is great for when you're not feeling as though you're doing too well in the game until BOOM a bounty appears as completed and you have, for example, killed 100 minions of darkness.

The game is also great as there are different things to do once you have completed the story line. First of all, you can create thee different characters either a warlock, hunter or titan and aim to get those up to the max level. As I have mentioned previously, you can also play in multiplayer games like the crucible. Occasionally there are events up including Iron Banner, which you will need to play as it is brutal (and by that I also mean super fun). 

The game also has a weekly reset were each of the main strikes changes every week, so if you absolutely hate one of them you only have to wait for each Tuesday to come around. I like this part of the game and the fact there is a weekly mix up as it engages you more. There are also seasonal events, the most recent one of course being for Christmas. I absolutely loved it, the costumes, the rewards and the activities including sparrow racing (such fun! *I imagine this in the voice of Penny from Miranda*). 

Snowman Swag

Snowman pose
The fun doesn't stop there though! When I first started playing Destiny I was terrified, especially because I was awful at shooting and died all the time. This is why I was so grateful when I could join a fire team to work on missions together with Kee. This made it easier for me to get used to the game, while at the same time it wasn't as terrifying knowing there was back up. 

Chillin' killin'
While I have told you all about the greatness of the game, there are several aspects that are extremely frustrating. First of all, multiplayer. While it can be great, it can also have annoying aspects to it. To begin with playing with certain gamers can take things far too seriously or be extremely annoying to talk to. Myself and Kee went to join a raid one time and we ended up in a team with some of the members being kids. While it was reasonably OK to begin with, after around an hour it got annoying listening to these kids and we couldn't stand playing the game so ended up quitting. Absolutely no digs on Destiny here, simply there is a frustration for some players who are way too intense on the game.

Secondly, certain super powers on the game are incredibly frustrating especially in the multiplayer crucible. If you play Destiny, you will understand the pain whenever a hunter on the opposing team strikes you down with the Arc Blade for example. I mean, it's great when you have the super ability and watch the opposing team get slammed down. However, when a member (or several members) of the opposing team has these super abilities, it is extremely frustrating. Not only when they slam you down, it is worse when more than one of the opposition use their super abilities within the 2 minutes and shoot your character down every time you regenerate!

How I feel after paying multiplayer

So, there it is. I hope you enjoyed why I both love and hate this game. I also hope if you love games and haven't tried Destiny out yet then you would consider at least having a look into it. I will just leave a few more screenshots I have taken below. 

Please feel free to comment if you love Destiny or what you think of the game in the section below. 

Peace out!

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