Hey guys, 

For those of you who have seen some of my previous posts you may know that i like to enjoy the occasional hike. Sadly it has been quite difficult to find the time to go on a walk with going to work at the same time my pops want to go.

The other week my dad decided we should walk up Cnight again and hopefully find the correct way down this time. This time my fiance was asking to come with to see why we enjoy strenuous exercise whilst walking up mountains. Little did we know what the day ahead had to hold for us. For one Kee didn't know what appropriate shoes to wear (which leads to stories for later on in the day)! 

We got up super early (as always), fed the cat and drove down to Cnicht car park in Wales. We met one of my dad's friends in the car park who was eager to get walking and prepared with his gloves and his beloved hat.

Started walking up and the first part of the walk was a long, steep incline through some trees. After this part of the walk we continued on open green hills and behind we could see the sea at Black Rock Sands beach. Well, just about see the sea,,, I forgot to mention that the weather wasn't exactly brilliant. It was windy, rainy, dark and cloudy. But still we kept climbing up and over the little peaks before the summit. 

Up and over we climbed over the rocks with stopping every so often to admire the view around (and to catch our breath). 

So we climbed, tripped and scrambled around and up some ridges and over some fences getting closer to the summit. Remember earlier I said the weather was pretty tragic? Well weren't we in for a nice surprise when the weather got WORSE! "Through blistering winds...." so to quote Shrek but that is exactly how it was at such a height. 

We walked further up and ended up getting further into the clouds where it was hard to see the view in the distance. It was also a little difficult to keep up straight with the wind getting more forceful and gently knocking us down a little. 

We had one peak to climb around before we got to the summit. Unfortunately the weather got too difficult to even stand up in so we ended up having to crawl to some rocks to protect ourselves from the wind. Then my dad's poor friend lost his hat as it was forced off him by the wind. At this point we decided we should turn back round and head back as it was virtually impossible to continue to the summit. 

So we headed back down the mountain, trying to find the easiest path with the most coverage from the wind. At this point most of us spent half of the journey back down on our butts as it was that wet, windy and muddy (especially Kee with those really appropriate shoes he was wearing....). We managed to make it back to the footpath which was a few hills away from the trees leading to the car park. We came across a really muddy track at one point which led to a stream. When we got to this point my brother, Austin, was trying to show Kee which way to walk down without slipping. Only it did not go too well for him as he slipped down trying to show Kee (I can't say it wasn't hilarious to watch in all honesty). 

Not to worry though, we got back to the car safely and enjoyed the experience. Sadly we didn't get to find the correct footpath down but there's always a next time. 

The day on a whole was an experience to say the least. Maybe not the best day to show Kee what walking is like and looking at all the views but for the most part we all enjoyed it. 

Hopefully next time we will have a more pleasant experience.

How do you guys like to spend your days off? Feel free to leave any comments in the section below. 

Peace out!

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