Colour Freedom: A review.

Hey guys, 

How you all doing today? For those of you who have seen some of my Instagram posts you will probably know that I can't hold the same colour hair for more than a month or so.I often go for Live Colour XXL and usually that works out alright but they didn't have the colour I wanted to go for the last few occasions. I went to dye my hair for Download and I used Crazy Colour which turned out awful on one side for the pink and then relatively OK on the other side for the turquoise. This time I wanted to try something different because my hair was looking dire and I couldn't quite decide what to go for. I have heard mixed reviews on different opinions on different hair dye and which one was the best to go for, which makes it so hard to decide!

Anyway, my friend told us about the hair dye she uses and it looked as though it actually worked for her hair and her boyfriends hair. All we knew at the time when trying to find the hair dye in super drug was that it was 2 for £9, so Kee got some for the both of us to try out (because he is the best). So we found the Colour Freedom collection by Knight & Wilson and took this home to try.

So let's talk about the hair dye Kee went for first. This was the Tropical Aqua colour which looks like a lovely colour to go for. In the box there was a tube of already mixed hair dye which made it easier for application, rather than the usual hassle of adding different tubes into one bottle.

Kee only really needed to use one quarter of the bottle as his hair is really short. Here is what his hair looked like before the application and then a picture of after application.


As you can see this worked out rather well on his hair and there was still plenty left for further application.

I chose to go for something different this time and go for an orange ish colour, Coral Blush. I thought it looked like a nice colour to go for and my hair needed desperately sorting out.

I needed to use more hair dye than Kee because of the length of my hair so there wasn't much left in the bottle after the first application. I also went over my hair a few days later and used the rest of the bottle for the second application. Here is what my hair colour was like before and after the second application.

As you can see,this didn't quite turn out as good as Kee's did, which was rather disappointing. So see now I have some mixed opinions on this hair dye brand from the different outcomes.

I think it would be a good brand to go for but avoid using it for the Coral Blush. It was a good deal to go for so not too much money wasted, but I think next time I will stick to the usual Live Colour XXL.

The turnout
What hair dye do you guys go for and what would you recommend is the best one to use? Feel free to leave comments in the section below and have a great day!

Peace out!

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