Rocket League

Hey guys, 

I would like to talk about a game today and that game is Rocket League. So, my friends had been talking about this game for a while and how good they were at it and how we should get the game ourselves. I was a bit hesitant on what this game actually was about and whether it was any good. See usually the games these guys play isn't really up my alley as such. But then my fiance decided to get it and it looked really fun so he got it for me as well, how kind. 

The basis of the game is you play football (mostly), basket ball, ice hockey against other players. Twist, you play these games as vehicles (which you can customise to your perfect vehicle). That's right you can play sports as cars against other cars. Now I'm not usually one for sporting games in reality let alone on Xbox, but this game had a different vibe where it is more entertaining.

OK. So besides being able to play sports as vehicles, there is also a booster you can occasionally use to increase the speed you can drive at. This only usually lasts around seconds before it's back to normal speed *sigh*, but this isn't the only way. This leads me to the custom games you can make on this game where you can choose any sort of arena and you can choose to have the speed boost on constantly, yes that is exactly what I do in this. I mean, who wouldn't do this when you can basically fly across the court. It makes it incredibly difficult to play the game properly but it is super fun. 

I know you're all having a whale of a time just reading about these cool features this game has. You're probably sat there super eager to get the game and enjoy the experience, but the fun does not end here, I'll tell you that for sure. Every 10 seconds or so you get to enjoy a little super feature that helps you either get to the ball or absolutely destroy the other players. This could be anything from making another car go at an uncontrolled accelerated rate to gaining spikes to either pick up the ball or take down another player.

Whilst these features can be used in a normal match, they can't be used to their full capacity like they can in the private matches. The only real downside to this is that you need to have someone join your party or join someones party to play, you cannot create the match to play on your own. This probably makes me sound like a proper saddo right now, honestly I do have a life, I just like to custom the game to full speed and can only do this when Kee will accept. I mean, there is the freeplay training you can do which allows you to go full speed boost, but it's not a match. 

So anyway, it is a really good game and even better when you need to let off some steam by just driving round on full speed. It was quite cheap to purchase as well so I hope I have helped some of you gamers (or non gamers) find something that you can try out, it is definitely at least worth trying. 

Do any of guys like Rocket League at all? Also what sort of games do you like to play? Feel free to leave comments below. 

Peace out! 

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