The Little Things

This post may be slightly strange and particularly cringe worthy in some aspects. So get ready to be thinking 'this girl is so soppy it makes me want to pray for her emotional state'. But anyway, over the past week I have done various activities, including getting ready for the second semester of university (which is pretty intense for the record). Which in turn has led to quite intense reading and acknowledgement of new information, and it is rather exhausting for the brain (especially when you only have a little one like myself). Now for the soppy part, so I'm not much of a social talker, talking to people is something I tend to avoid because I hate the idea of trying to make pointless conversation. But over the past week I have had splendid conversations with various people, and it was lovely. You know when you're feeling kind of 'meh' some days but can't curl up because you're out and about, where basically you seem like a miserable sod. But then someone talks to you and you go from feeling kind of 'meh' to feeling pretty good. It's like the sense of acknowledgement, that people actually know you exist. I know this doesn't apply to everyone in existence, but for people like me who are rather shy in social situations it is a big thing. Some days that sense of acknowledgement actually boosts the confidence and releases a positive feeling on the inside.

I shall tell you a little bit about my day today to give an example and the reason why I am feeling emotionally positive. So, housemate dragged me out to the club last night as a last minute decision and I feel tragic today. Sat in my lecture feeling rough as hell on earth, but hey I still went to it! I look absolutely awful, red cheeks, hair just tied as a mess, baggy jeans. Just a mess. But for some reason, more people approached me today with intent of conversation than usual. Considering I look a mess, apparently I am more approachable this way. But this experience brightened my day and I'd like to thank those who weren't too scared to approach this zombified individual. It hasn't just been today anyway, my whole past week has been fullfilled with lovely talks (some of which were drunken ones because I'm a student and that is what I do).

So there it is, the little soppy summation of these little events that have made me feel great on the inside even if it doesn't show on the outside. Goodbye for now from Soppy Sophie

Peace out yo!!

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