'Say you scrub me' gentle skin buffer

Doing something a bit different today, never really done a product review before so here it goes!

This product 'Say you scrub me' is a gentle skin buffer and it is beautiful. When I first opened it I was expecting some sort of cream/shower gel type but I was amazed as to what was in there. It is like jelly! But jelly that you can rub all over yourself to feel beautiful. The texture of this product is basically jelly and simply divine. 

At first use of the skin buffer my skin did feel extremely rubbery while I was showering. However, once all dry and ready to put clothes on my skin felt really smooth. The second use of the product did not leave my skin feeling so rubbery while showering which I imagine is a good thing.

Overall the pure fact that it feels like jelly was one of the main reasons I had to share this product with the world. I felt like a 7 year old again with all the excitement it caused. 10/10 recommend this product if you ever see it. 

Peace out!

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