January Junctures

Now that the first month of this year is over with it is time to reflect upon the success and failures of this month in relation to New Year's resolutions. All in all I'd say this month has been successful and a great start to 2015.

First off I have been exercising my ass off when I can and it is such a beautiful feeling and I've never felt so good about myself. As noted in my previous post, I joined a gym at the beginning of January. During each attendance to the gym I do think to myself why on earth am I paying to be in pain, but then as the saying goes 'no pain, no gain'. I find going to the gym is also extremely useful in terms of stress relief, for example the night before my presentation I went to the gym and burned off a lot of steam and didn't feel so stressed out afterwards.

Secondly, I have started eating healthier towards the latter part of the month. My eating habits have previously been tragic in terms of health, mainly due to constantly revising so I feel as though I don't want to cook proper food. Also stress has been a bad influence, you all know the feeling when you're stressed and you don't want to eat goodness, but instead wish to bury your sorrows in junk food. Yeah I get that. Thus due to noticing how bad my habits were, the latter part of this month consisted of buying a helluva lot of green food. Which I am hoping to stick to.

Another thing is I have spent so much time working towards my exams, assignments and presentations this month. Whilst before I have been putting a lot of time into uni work, I don't think it was my full potential, thus I have made an extended effort to improve. This mostly including spending most nights reading or researching instead of going out and partying in the time leading up to the deadlines. (Afterwards is a different story, celebrating the end of the first semester). Hopefully this time will have paid off, fingers crossed!

Whilst one of my New Years resolutions was to blog more, it is quite noticeable this has been very unsuccessful this month. This is more than likely down to spending majority of the time focusing on University work and having no life to blog about during this month. But in high hopes maybe it will begin to get better over the course of the next few months!

Although it has not been absolutely perfect, this month has been a good start which will hopefully get better. So if January is an overall summary of how the rest of the year will be then I am pleased to say it is looking pretty hopeful and I'm staying positive!

Peace out yo

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