River Severn Way Walk

Yet another sunny day came around leaving myself and Sarah with the urge to explore across the way. Where would we end up today and goodness knows how far we'd end up. We took the road down town and across the river taking the pathway alongside the river (of course). This pathway was adjacent to the racecourse which was on the other side of the river. Initially the pathway begins alongside gardens coming almost onto the river, and they were very nice gardens indeed. So after this lovely open viewed walk it begins to go into woodlands/forest areas. Now if you are easily freaked, this would be a great place to express your fear. However, it was a rather beautiful trail, as Sarah put it 'like walking through the rainforest', thinking some animal would jump out at her (this is the girl who got freaked by cows, lovely girl really). So as the pathway goes on we came across several wrecked boats, and a gathering of old items on the bank (it looked kinda creepy). Then around the corner we found ourselves on one of many wooden bridges which looked quaint, but as we progressed the more pointless these bridges appeared.

 The trail backed on to several farms, from what we could see half of the time. The other side held occasional views of the river (when the shrubbery wasn't covering the sight). We were hoping that we would eventually be in sight of the nature reserve we had visited the week before. However, due to unfortunate lack of food circumstances we had to make a return back into town.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, Sarah isn't quite the nature lover, more so the glamour kinda girl. Which of course makes all the more fun listening to her cry due to a bug (not quite that extreme but you get my point). She also always seems to be in the wrong footwear for the ways that we go.

All in all this little exploration left our minds open and hearts fulfilled. Adventure is always around the corner, who knows what will happen next time!

Peace out!

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