Alice in Wonderland

Okay so I admit I am a super huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, I loved the animated film as a kid and oh my life when Tim Burton made his 2010 version I cried with excitement (TIM BURTON IS AMAZING, best director of all time), not forgetting Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp (dies inside). I've also recently being playing the computer game Alice: Madness Returns, not really a big gamer but this game is my favourite by far! However, down to the point! It was my birthday the other week and I received one of the most amazing gifts ever, and yes it is Alice in Wonderland related! My mum and sister got me this amazing necklace, it's so quirky, adorable and I love it! Definitely recommend any Alice fans to get this for themselves or as a gift to others!

Alice in Wonderland 'Drink Me' necklace 

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