Beautiful, yet deserted

If you're a young adult looking for an adventure here is a place not to go....

In April 2014, a close friend and myself went on a spontaneous trip to Rhosneigr on the isle of Anglesey and found a cheap campsite to stay on for two nights. However, we got there on after a three hour train journey and put up the tent and it suddenly hit us this isn't going to be very interesting. So we went for a wander along the little village and to the coast, it was very beautiful (even if it was cloudy and almost raining). We spent majority of that day around through the sand dunes and along the beach until returning to our tent for food and sleep. Along with already discovering what the village had to hold (twice!), the plans for the next day seemed limited.... especially considering it started raining that day! Thus we attempted to walk to the next town, however, we only made it to a nearby village. I'll admit it was pretty exciting because we'd not been here before and looked like there might have been some lovely woodlands etc. However our curiosity only led us to the next train station so we turned around and walked back to the tent. Only then did we decide we should probably get the train back that day to save having to pay for another uncomfortable night! Which at this point we remembered we had all this booze and didn't want to carry the extra weight around, so we drank it.... quite a lot of it, just before heading to the train station before we were to endure a 4 hour journey, that ended up taking until midnight to return home! 
So, ladies and gentlemen I advise that you do not visit this place if you are looking for adventures. Although if you do wish to go to Anglesey I recommend a car would be a good idea to look at all the little towns on the island as I have heard it is such a nice place (in other areas of course)

Peace out!

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