Blast from the past

Just sorting through all my junk to move back to uni and to move house back home and remembering that before i went to uni I was really reluctant about going. I had no idea what course I wanted to pursue in or anything and wanted to carry out some sort of apprenticeship in Cornwall because that is my dream home town and they only had colleges in the places I wanted to go. However, I thought it was not possible to go and do a college course as I would have no where to live so far away so I thought it may be a good idea to continue a course I was studying at school, that happened to be Philosophy. As much as I enjoyed the course I couldn't see this leading into a profession I would enjoy, thus this lead to much frustration and struggle in happiness of my choice. However, it was not long after I decided this that I was on my way back from a Nickleback concert (SO GOOD!!!!) that I realised I wanted to help people as I had recently raised money for charity and that is something I love doing. I realised that going into a counselling profession would be very well suited to what I wanted to do in life! Now looking back at how my mind went around from wanting to study one thing to another I am very pleased I ended up choosing to study Counselling Psychology. This is because not only have I enjoyed the first year of the course, but met the most amazing people I could ever have imagine and I love the place.

So, if you're ever struggling to find what you want to do, no matter how many obstacles you go around your heart will always tell your head where to go.

Peace out!

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