Looking for Alaska - John Green

Okay, so I purchased Looking for Alaska - John Green sometime around November/December and read about 30 odd pages of it (mainly on train journeys) up until last Friday. For some reason I just picked up the book and thought oh I will read this, and so I did. Only took me till Saturday morning to finish didn't it! I've never really been much of a reader, mainly through lack of concentration, but this book caught my attention and kept it (I didn't even want to sleep that night so I could carry on reading). I loved every moment of this book, the way all the characters have been portrayed most certainly intrigued me and how they take situations. Although the book gave hints as to what was going to happen (not quite predictable as it left room for various ideas), I thought it was quite good, the subtle metaphors given throughout were particularly fascinating and not to mention it most certainly brought tears to my eyes at parts! The ending, however, was by far the best part in my opinion, remembering the words still amaze me as it was such a beautiful ending and very conclusive. I would definitely recommend reading this book if you have a couple of hours or days spare (depending on how easily you can read), it is so worth the hours and the money (wasn't so cheap because I bought it from Waterstones)
*this book requires a duvet, tissues and something to cuddle*
Hope y'all enjoy!

One of the various covers for the book

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