Okay so I went away with some of my friends last year to Newquay in Cornwall and it was a rather fun, drunken holiday as I can slightly remember! Last week I went to the same location with only a couple of my friends and had a more relaxing beach holiday filled with majority of the days being very hot! This year was a last minute kinda deal, we traveled down to Newquay via the Megabus (£10 return!!!!) and then a train from Plymouth (£9 return!!!!). That's darn good i'd say, not forgetting Trethiggy campsite which was only £7ppn!
During these 8 days away we spent 2 of them travelling mostly and thankfully I wasn't travel sick this year because vomiting in the presence of strangers has an uncomfortable appeal. During the days we were there, 2 rained and the rest were sunny if not cloudy (but still very warm), thus you can imagine we got very, VERY burnt.
If you're looking for a very cheap get away Newquay is definitely the place to go, whether you want a beach holiday (with surfing/body boarding on Fistral beach), party holiday or even a shopping holiday, the town caters for all sorts!
Fistral Beach

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