One day I will travel the world, but for now the UK will do.

These past couple of months I've had off from University have been great and full of adventure with awesome people, and summer still isn't over! 

I've visited so many places in Wales in the past few years and it never ceases to amaze me with all it's countryside beauty, that of many fields, mountains and of course don't forget the sheep! In the last week of May I went to Shell Island in Wales, I thought the place would be a bit boring and dull considering it's not a mountain. However, spending the week there was amazing! The place was an island surrounded by mountains, lots and lots of mountains, even Mount Snowdon was visible. Also of course being by the sea topped it all off, I never knew I could experience nature in such a popular tourist attraction. If you're into scenery and nature (especially caterpillars!) I would definitely recommend taking a visit there, even if it is just a weekend break. 

This is Shell Island it it's most beautiful moment, sunset. I've never seen a sunset as magnificent as this.

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