Room for Improvement

So I have just completed my first year at University studying Counselling Psychology and whilst there were some stressful times I thoroughly enjoyed it! However, that was just the first year and was pretty much an introduction to what is to come. Thus, this educational year I will be a man with a plan (woman technically speaking but this fits better) and I have set a pretty good one at that.

1. Where I lacked in achieving a higher grade last year I made up for in partying the night away and consuming far too much alcohol. I have recently come to realise that the first year was the year for booze, and so my main aim for this upcoming year is to reduce my alcohol consumption and clubbing attendance. Several studies (and my own personal experience) have come to show that alcohol can affect memory and concentration, thus limiting the full potential of an individual. Majority of you will know that there are student nights/popular nights for students, particularly many in cities and most of those nights will be attended to by students who have lectures the following day. Now this I can tell you is bad, either a) turning up hungover and being unable to focus on the topic or b) not attending at all because getting out of bed seems impossible. So I have limited my allowances of alcohol and clubbing in order to focus more on education, these limitations will involve birthdays, special occasions (Halloween, Christmas) and most importantly freshers week.

2. As I feel that step 1 will enable me to focus more and improve my grades step 2 will help pursue it further. An important part of assignments and reports I completed last year I noticed that the extra reading around the topic would help significantly, but whether or not I get around to reading is a different matter. Thus I will also not be procrastinating as much as last year and being in a workable environment will ensure this (I did not particularly like being in my room last year but I was with others elsewhere thus it was difficult to concentrate). I also know this year to start assignments early and to check those deadlines in advance! Many times last year I was prompted about a deadline not 6 days before the paper was due (very stressful as you can imagine).

3. Thirdly I would like to add that support and encouragement from peers always helps. With knowing that people have faith in you and your work it will encourage you to aim that little bit further and little bit higher!

I hope to stick to this as of September, 2014 and hope that this can influence many others out there at University to study hard because it will be worth it in the end!

"Never give up what you want most for what you want today" - Neal A Maxwell

Peace out!

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