(Delayed post, lost internet as typing and got slightly carried away with the alcohol, oops)
It's finally Friday, (HALLELUJAH!)  and oh boy has this week dragged! Today I shall be seeing my beloved friend from University whom I haven't seen since the end of May! And oh yes the plan for tonight is most certainly going to involve plenty of alcohol! The other day I found my shot dispenser which I received as a gift from my father for my birthday last year and I realise I haven't really used it so much. However, it is a great appliance as there is no need for worrying whether the alcohol will be spilled or not (don't want a waste hey!). I realised this would also be a great opportunity to use my shot glasses (the cheap ones of course). As previously mentioned, I am indeed a fan of the Cornish county and adore travelling around that area, whilst also collecting items that wouldn't be a waste of money. Yes, that's right, I have shot glasses from different towns and villages in Cornwall (only 5 but they will increase eventually). However, these shot glasses are more valuable (around £4 or £5 for each glass) and I tend to steer away from them if possible in case they break. 

Cornwall shot glasses

So tonight it will be these colourful Asda glasses that are used! At University it is sometimes a struggle for money and shots are very important in the area of a good night, wouldn't you agree? Thus I acquired a pretty set of 4 shot glasses for £2 from Asda (bargain!), not only are they cheap but they are reusable unlike the plastic ones for £1 and they are also better for the environment (less rubbish if they aren't broke).

Asda shot glasses (still pretty!)

Peace out!

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