Tips for budgeting as a student

Worrying about your funds at University?

If you have never really been shopping with a budget it's time to start! Next time your parents or guardians go out shopping, go with them! While you walk around with them there are several things to pay attention to:

1. Look for the supermarkets own brands, e.g. products that say 'Asda Price' or 'Tesco Value'. By doing this you will be better off majority of the time!

2. Look at the price labels and it will say the cost per KG, this is always good because then you will know you are getting more out of your money.

3. Look for deals! Deals are the most important thing when shopping as a student. Forget the smart price or Tesco value, if you can get more for what you pay for then you're sorted!

4. This may not be a regular thing to do, but maybe 2 times a year at the most. Buy in bulk! Start off your first year with getting big boxes of items, e.g. clothes washing up powder and pasta! You can get the massive bags of this and it will last you at least half the time you're there. Trust me, I did both of these last year and only had to buy the pasta once again and I still have the clothes washing powder (yes don't worry I washed my clothes plenty of times!).

*Sneaky tip: get your parents to help you with your first shop when you move to uni because they will more than likely help you out on the money side of things!*

I hope this helps anyone who is starting University this year and living away from home! More bargains soon to come (with great deals on the night life side of things).

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