Weight loss

Okay so recently I have been made aware that I gained quite a bit of weight at University through all the alcohol and food binges of extremely cheap but fatty foods. Thus I have reduced my alcohol consumption significantly since being back at home, mainly because I have lost interest in going clubbing as such and partially because it is very expensive. Not only am I doing this to lower my weight but I also aim to improve my fitness and I am proud to say that I will be 8 weeks clean of smoking and have maintained the will power to continue as a non smoker!

To reduce my weight I have recently started the 5 2 diet in the hope this will help me get back in shape! The 5 2 diet consists of eating 500 calories on 2 days as far apart from each other, whilst the other 5 days involve eating regularly! Seems great i'd say, just the getting started bit would be the hardest! As I am vegetarian I found it quite easy to find low calorie foods, that such as cucumber, celery and mushrooms. However, it is difficult to find how to make meals that last throughout the day.

Yesterday I began on the 500 calorie count, I decided to start of with a bagel for breakfast with the 'lightest Philadelphia' cream cheese and some kiwi fruit , obviously this did not fill me up for so long so I took a walk for an hour or to divert the hunger. Then came about luncheon (i like to call it this because it sounds fancy!) where I made a roast pepper stuffed with Quorn, mushrooms and cream cheese. This was my favourite meal of the day so far! Then came dinner which involved Quorn tikka with cucumber and lettuce, by far this was the nicest.
Glorious breakfast!!!!

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