Zoo trip!

Today has consisted of wondering around large(ish) areas within cages/fences that are filled with different animals from all over the world. Twycross zoo is great for the children and families of all ages as it is packed with such a variety of animals to learn about and also has a discovery area for children to learn more! The park itself has plenty of refreshments available throughout the journey around all the different animals. However, not only is this zoo good and entertaining for people it is also helping to conserve many animals that are at a large threat of either endangerment or extinction. At least half of the different species were either endangered or held a large threat towards endangerment. It was not but 7 weeks ago when one of the main endangered species, the Amur Leopard's, had their cubs. Of course this was good for zoo business and most importantly to help conserve this particular species! It's a particularly sad thought that the reason some of these animals are kept in zoo's these days is because they are at risk of extinction in the wild, majority of this time is sadly down to humans destroying their natural habitats and poaching. If there is little to be done to conserve the animals natural habitat it is a brilliant thing done by Twycross Zoo and many other zoos around the country. These creatures are so beautiful in how they look and in the way they behave it is better for them to continue their species through conservation than to be under constant threat in the wild. As you can see from some following photos the conservation for the animals is developed to be as best matching as possible to their wild habitat, even though it will never be exactly the same to where they truly belong.

Peace out!

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