Focus on your future

"Never give up what you want most for what you want today" - Neal A Maxwell. 

Over the past few months, this quote has become my guidance to getting my goals and personal achievements. Ever made a list of things you wish to achieve? For example new years resolutions, but then think oh I'll start this tomorrow, or next week. Or you simply begin for a few weeks and then feel as though you cannot carry on towards the success of your goals? 

Today, I'd like to talk about motivation and continuing towards success. There can be days where you simply want to give up what you've started. Whether this is because you feel it is not working, or because you're feeling under the weather, if you really want to achieve something let the vision of success be your willpower and motivation. 

When I feel I'm lacking in motivation, the first thing I do is think "why exactly am I doing this", I look at the reason I began this process to begin with. However, it is not always helpful as my emotions and physical state can block the vision of the goal and instead make me want to watch some television or a film, for example. Simply procrastinate getting to my goal because of a lazy day. 

If the image of the goal does not motivate you completely, make yourself a reward for when you accomplish the goal. Make sure it's something that you really want (however, you should want it more than your goal because the goal is something you aspire for). 

If neither of the above help at all, try and break down the actions into steps that progress a little bit further each day. However, if there is a deadline approaching rapidly remember to make the progress bigger chunks, thus steadily working towards your goal.

I'd like to end by some short but motivational words, 

Work hard today, for a better tomorrow. 

Peace out guys & gals!

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