Monday, 4 August 2014

H&M Nail Polish Review

Ever get that feeling where you want to feel girly for a day but just can't afford to go all out on all sorts of make up? I'm not a make up kinda girl and like to go au natural on my face but sometimes i just feel like it's not enough. So i have this set of nail polish (pink and glittery of course) which I bought for £2.99 from H&M not so long ago. I much prefer using the glitter colour because it looks so dainty and I feel the dark pink paint is rather bold. Also i'm bad at painting nails so it is much better with the glittery paint because it doesn't look as messy! I did try one hand with the dark pink paint but I didn't particularly like it as much as the glittery one which I love. The paint is also great quality for the price as it stayed on for quite a while (which is always great). Would definitely recommend if you are looking for an expensive nail paint!

Peace out!