London Day Trip

Last Thursday my amazing friend invited me to go to London with her for the day, well considering I'd never been to London beforehand I couldn't refuse the offer! (It was also cheaper than I thought to get there as well which was a brilliant bonus). This has been a must on my to do list for a while now because I've been so intrigued from what the hype was all about. However, I'm not really much of a city girl and much prefer the rural areas. Thus London was not, in my personal view, as interesting or fascinating as I'd expected from what I've heard from other people (might have been slightly better on a sunny day though!). Although when we arrived at Camden I thought it was absolutely brilliant! Loved all the stalls in the market because they had such cool stuff in there like quirky kitchen cards and paintings etc. Also had a market section where I purchased an awesome tee-shirt that reads 'Lord of the Cats The Furrlowship of the Ring'. I also thought the canal area was really pretty with the pubs on either side looked really quaint. 

London, I will more than likely visit you again in the future, however, for now you're far too busy and really not my style!

Camden Lock

Peace out!

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