Mountain Walking

At the Summit

Yesterday I made a second attempt at walking up Cadair Idris, a mountain in Wales in which it's summit is 2,927 feet (892m). Earlier this year around about Easter time my dad decided to take me to attempt it, however, it was unsuccessful as we only made it about a quarter of the way to the top. Now I am pleased to say that yesterday we made it and it was such a great feeling. Knowing I am so much fitter than I was a couple of months ago makes me really happy for one thing, but being able to see Snowdonia National Park from the summit of Cadair Idris was amazing. The views were so beautiful looking across at Barmouth, Tywyn and even being able to see Mount Snowdon in the distance. I've walked up Mount Snowdon several times before, and considering Cadair Idris is a shorter mountain it is one hell of a lot more difficult than Snowdon, but absolutely fantastic nonetheless. Although I admit I walked up quickly, but fell down even faster! 

Enjoy and peace out!

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