Naked Juice Smoothie Review

I've heard of these Naked smoothies a few times before but never actually tried it, until yesterday. I went for the one that was called the 'Green Machine', this flavour of apple, pineapple, and kiwi filled out with many other fruits and vegetables. However, the Naked Juice smoothies are supposed to help towards you looking good naked but there is a lot of sugar in the bottle from all the fruit it contains. If you did not already know, sugar also turns into fat in your body when not used through exercise so it is important to lower sugar levels as well as fat levels! The drink it's self was very, very nice, although i'll admit I could only drink half within one sitting as it was very filling but I could also feel the amount of sugar. Overall I will most certainly purchase more of these because I can't wait to try the different flavours, but only as a kick start for helping towards a workout. Definitely not purchasing on a daily basis due to the excessive price I paid for it yesterday. However, I would recommend this to anyone who is contemplating to try it out. It is good for bursts of energy and very tasty! 

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