New Look Sale

 The other day I was invited to go out in town on a student night with my friends as I'd said I would go with them at least once before I left to go to University. However, I did not have an outfit as such that I felt either comfortable in or that I would be able to fit into. I'm currently through my weight loss journey therefore I have not been out in town for a while nor drinking, so as you can imagine I felt rather self conscious when trying to find suitable clothing. Then my friend Jess found this gorgeous checkered black and white top which was so comfortable to wear with an inbuilt bra support which is great for not having to try to hide bra straps! Not to mention it was only £6! I then came across a black skater skirt (which I have been looking for one for 5 months or so) which was also £6! I love the skater skirt because now I can use it with so many tops I have and be able to use most of my wardrobe again! Whole new outfit sorted with £12 out the bank (brilliant!) and I'm rather happy for the choice made as I loved wearing this out the other day!

Peace out!

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