Weight loss update

It has been two weeks since I began my weight loss journey and so far so good! I have been increasing my general activity, whether that is going running, cycling or even just walking to town. My diet has also improved significantly as I have a low fat diet and eat plenty of greens and drinking plenty of water. During these two weeks I have looked back at what I used to eat and drink and pinpointed the specific items that led me to gain weight and majority of this was due to not being able to cook and being hungover (pasties and alcohol are bad). Thus I have steered clear from excessive drinking and fatty foods such as pizza, pasties and chips. Also sugary foods such as cake and doughnuts I tend to stay away from, mainly because I don't really see the appeal towards them but it is also beneficial towards my health. I feel that being vegetarian helps towards my weight loss as the Quorn products I buy are extremely low in fat compared to other meat products, however, saying this I still tend to go towards the chicken style meat free products as the sausages are higher in fat.
When beginning my dieting I thought it would be difficult and that cravings would appear at every moment. However, the other day when at the zoo I had no other choice to eat chips and I can honestly say I have never felt so disgusting after eating the oil smothered chips. When not two months ago I would fall at the sight of chips and indulge in their greasiness and now it is the complete opposite! I have never felt so pleased with my self and I'm beginning to see the improvement in my fitness as well as the decrease in numbers on the scales!

Don't ever feel like you cannot achieve what you want because if you put your mind to it you will succeed!


Happy Friday everyone!

Peace out!

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