Busfest 2014

 So last Sunday I went to the Busfest in Malvern. This is the worlds largest Volkswagen festival and this is one of the most recent years where it has become internationally popular. If anyone doesn't already know, I'm VW campervan obsessed. For as long as I can remember I have loved these slow goers. Malvern isn't too far from where I live so it wasn't too much of a detour for my dad and not to mention very little time for travel sickness, yay (I'm weak when it comes to travelling)! Not only where there so many amazingly decorated vans, but they also had a pets corner which my dad then decided to hold a tarantula. Would've loved to have stayed for the weekend at this show because there was so much going on and I loved every moment of it.
Peace out! 

Favourite van I saw

Loving the doors, if they had less DC!
More Marvel please!


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