Encouragement and success

It's another beginning. Whether that is the beginning of something new or the beginning of a new year leading to our goals. Educationally speaking this is the time for a new year and/or the start of something amazing. It only feels like yesterday since I begun my first year at University and what an adventure that was. I remember travelling down on moving day feeling so scared, nervous but also extremely excited. Being such a shy, socially awkward person with a high lack of confidence, this was most certainly a massive step. Not to mention one that was worthwhile. I met some of the most amazing people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Whilst also fearing that I would be at some distance with my friends back home, I still managed to stay in contact and meet up with them on several occasions. I found the first year of University definitely helped to develop me to who I am today and even though I may not seem all that confident and intelligent, I most certainly feel like a stronger individual and slightly more independent that I was this time last year. Throughout the previous year, whilst making several achievements I have also made several mistakes. However, I can say with 100% confidence that I have learned from these mistakes and know to improve from them. I feel as though my work has improved slightly and I know where and how to improve.

Thinking back to not only two years ago I was doing badly in all my lessons and not having the grades for what I thought I wanted to do back then. Looking back I never would have expected to see myself at University, and never would've have met these amazing people if I'd got the grades for those courses though lets be honest. But with all the support from my teachers who believed I had the potential and the encouragement from my dad, my goal then developed into making sure I could reach my potential if not further. Whether or not you're a strong believer in faith and encouragement, I want you all to know it is so important. It has such an impact on the way an act is carried out making it stronger with more encouragement. If you hold strong that you are capable of one thing, you will achieve it. With the added encouragement from others anything is possible.
Spread those wings and reach for the stars guys & gals

Peace out!

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