PicStick Personalised Fridge Magnets

Hey guys, it's been quite a while since my last blog post, mainly because I have spent the past week drinking to my hearts content many evenings and recovering throughout the daytime for my Universities freshers week!

Anyway, the other day I had an e-mail offering to write a review on personalised fridge magnets, and looking at how bare my fridge was I jumped to the offer! I don't think I'd been ever so excited to write a review before and this is my first review on a product so be kind guys and girls!

PicStick is a personalised photo magnet creating website where you can upload your favourite photos and turn them into magnets to stick wherever they'll go. The website is extremely easy to navigate around and has plenty of information on how to begin and how they create the magnets.

When I went to chose my grid of 9 photos I was convinced that it would be one of them magnets covered in plastic that are chunky on the fridge. However, when they arrived (within 1 day of dispatching!!!!) I was quite pleased they were the ones which were flat on the fridge. I like these ones because it means that they don't get knocked off as easily as the chunky ones. Also I was slightly concerned that because they were flat ones it would make it difficult to move around and readjust the magnets but they don't cause too much struggle (as you can see on my images below).

I've also been given a 25% discount code for my wonderful readers which is LIVE25 and all you need to do is add this code at the checkout. The quality of the magnets are most certainly worth the price and I would definitely persuade everyone to at least look and check out the website if not purchasing anything. 

Peace out!

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