The 5:2 diet review

During the summer holidays I decided I wanted to loose some weight because many of my clothes didn't fit me any more. Obviously I had absolutely no idea where to begin until my friend told me about the 5:2 diet. This is where for 5 days you eat around 1500 calories worth of food and the other 2 days you would only be able to eat 500. Putting it straight out there I do not recommend using this diet to loose weight if you lack will power! I only managed it for 1 or 2 weeks and by then I'd realised there was more than likely a better way. Also on the days where I could only eat 500 calories I struggled to do anything because I did not have a sufficient amount of energy. Using the 5:2 diet stopped me from being able to eat vegetables and fruit on the days of 500 calories because some of them provided over half the calorie intake. Then of course I was open to 'the light', I began looking around seeing what I was eating that was bad and pushing it to one side. See with the 5:2 diet you'd still be able to eat really bad food that's either full of fat or sugar so the scales were bound to stay the same. I looked at my scales after about 2 weeks of the 5:2 diet and exercising and the number had barely dropped at all. But then when I began to eat fully healthily after about a week I could see the numbers dropping.
Overall I wouldn't really suggest using this diet plan unless you have strong will power! Otherwise go for the healthy option of fruit and veg and minimising the fat content in your diet!
Peace out!

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