Uni time!

Well it's safe to say last week was fun and eventful and very much involving a helluva lot of alcohol. Now after slowly recovering from some sort of illness passed around that week it's safe to say I will be dramatically reducing my alcohol consumption. I've gotten back on track with watching what I eat, and also starting to get more exercise into my days. However, the amount of alcohol and all those glitter bombs were definitely worth it! Such a fun week meeting so many different and new people (even though I'm a second year it was still pretty awesome).
I just wanted to say to all of you who are doing well in whatever you're doing and keeping on track at being the best you can be, it is allowed to let loose once in a while and enjoy your life! Remember how short everyday is and those days cannot be spent doing the same thing over and over without enjoying yourself. I learnt this quite recently due to restricting myself a lot for dieting and exercising, but when I moved back to University I realised I could still have fun as long as I went back to my usual routine.
Anyway, here are some interesting photos for anyone who is going through freshers/ already been through it or even looking forward to going through it next year! (Trust me, it's brilliant)
Peace out!

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